David Buboltz

David Buboltz

David Buboltz is a Real Estate professional who helps individuals purchase or sell businesses. With extensive expertise across various industries, David strives to make transactions effortless for both parties involved.

While serving in the state Senate, he was an outspoken proponent for regulations on water and air pollution. Furthermore, he founded and led a nonprofit conservation group which preserved lands for public use and education.

Early Life and Education

Early in a child’s life, they form an intense attachment with their parents. This bond has the potential to shape cognitive and social development throughout later stages.

These formative years for the brain involve rapid brain development. Therefore, it’s critical that children receive quality early childhood education to ensure their intellectual growth continues to accelerate.

Early childhood educators are guided by several theories and teaching methods that shape their work. Erikson’s psychosocial theory is one of the most popular, emphasizing that parents and educators must provide support for children throughout every stage of their emotional development. Doing this helps guarantee a positive learning experience for kids.

Professional Career

David Buboltz was a passionate family man, who enjoyed cheering his kids on (both on the field and in law enforcement) as well as camping. He took advantage of their annual vacation to Las Vegas and also took some personal cruises for fun.

He served as chief of the Port Edwards police department for over ten years, and was an active member in many organizations such as Ripon Eagles, Jayco Camping Club, St. Alexanders Catholic Church and Wisconsin Professional Police Association.

He was a licensed psychologist with an impressive career that spans research, teaching and clinical experience. His publications and presentations at academic and professional conferences were numerous; one of his most memorable endeavors was creating new technology to detect patients experiencing sleep difficulties.

Achievements and Honors

David is an accomplished educator and community volunteer. He has organized natural history tours throughout Costa Rica, Panama and Belize, as well as working on an environmental education program in rural Belize.

He has spearheaded numerous mission projects throughout his church, such as well drilling projects in Kenya and church construction efforts in the Dominican Republic. Additionally, his passion for mobilizing people around worthwhile social causes has resulted in tangible benefits for those being served – leading to their empowerment and transformation.

He served in the Wisconsin State Senate and was an outspoken supporter of environmental and conservation measures, such as water pollution control regulations, regional planning on a watershed scale and creation of the Department of Natural Resources. Furthermore, he founded a nonprofit conservation group that left behind an immeasurable environmental legacy.

Personal Life

Buboltz was a devoted family man, dedicated to his wife Rose and their children. As police chief for Port Edwards Police Department, he also participated in several community organizations.

He and Rose enjoyed traveling, taking frequent trips across America. Additionally, he had a seasonal site at Deer Trail Park in Nekoosa.

He enjoyed gardening in his free time and spending time outside with nature and wildlife. He and Rose traveled often, flying their Cessna airplanes, camping, taking trains to distant destinations, or simply watching the sunset and sunrise together.

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