David Calavitta

David Calavitta

David Calavitta is an inspiring Catholic speaker who has dedicated himself to youth ministry since 2000. Currently, he serves as Director of Creative & Marketing for Life Teen International.

He is an expert at introducing people to Jesus. His passion is seeing teenagers come to know the Lord and be able to share it with others.

Early Life and Education

David Calavitta is an enthusiastic Catholic who has served the Church since 2000. His passions lie with Christ and the Church, as well as with his wife Brittany and two sons. Currently, David serves Life Teen International as director of creative and marketing; additionally, he speaks for youth ministry programs like CLE 21:6, organized by Cleveland’s Office of Youth Ministry to encourage teenagers about following Jesus Christ – with over 350 attendees present including many volunteers and clergy present to hear him speak!

Professional Career

David Calavitta has been serving the Catholic Church in various youth ministry capacities since 2000. A passionate Catholic, he loves Jesus and his Church with all of his heart; he’s also a loving husband and father to his two sons Judah and Jack. Currently the director of Creative & Marketing for Life Teen International, he has written numerous articles and been a guest speaker at conferences and retreats alike. Furthermore, David created TrainChamp – an app that helps people get fit & stay fit – plus, he’s known for being an accomplished martial artist! Furthermore, David worked within prison systems as both psychological services specialist and forensic mental health analyst before graduating.

Achievement and Honors

David Calavitta is a man of many talents. He currently serves as director of creative and marketing for Life Teen, an organization that caters to young adult demographics. Additionally, David frequently speaks at youth conferences around the country. On a more personal note, David and his wife Brittany endured 10 years of infertility before opting for surrogacy; now they proud parents to three healthy, beautiful children.

David Calavitta continues to inspire with passion and gives back to the Church with both his time and talent. If you would like to learn more about him, visit his website today!

Personal Life

David Calavitta is a passionate Catholic speaker who is deeply in love with Christ and the Church. Since 2000, he has been involved in youth ministry through various roles within the Church; today, he serves as Director of Design & Marketing for Life Teen International.

He and his wife Brittany endured 10 years of infertility. In this episode, they share how they held onto faith during times of difficulty, as well as what lessons they’d learned from it. Even though they weren’t able to have children, God was still in control. Additionally, they discuss communication within the Church and how best to discuss infertility with those experiencing it.

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