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David Feehan Net Worth – Musician, Teacher and Writer

David Feehan is a professional musician, teacher and writer who has been actively engaged in the music industry since childhood. As one of New Zealand’s premier male vocalists, he has four albums to his credit as well as involvement in over 20 more projects.

He has been instructing Vocals for many years, both privately and as a tutor at Whitireia Polytechnic and Massey University. Additionally, he has performed extensively throughout New Zealand and beyond.

Early Life and Education

David Feehan, born in Wellington, is one of NZ’s premier vocalists with four albums under his belt and involvement in over 20 more. He has performed and sang in choirs around the world and currently teaches private voice lessons alongside performing.

He boasts a vast knowledge of all aspects of music business, from performing to production. Additionally, his enthusiasm for education in this area is unwavering; as an accomplished teacher and coach, he has had extensive experience working with young singers throughout his career.

His career in music began while still in grade school and continues to this day, where he remains active. As a professional musician and vocal instructor at his own studio, he also serves as a vocal coach for actors of all ages.

Professional Career

David Feehan has extensive experience in acting, producing and directing videos for various organizations as well as performing other duties. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) and Diploma in Performance & Communications Media from Memorial University.

He has served in the US Marine Corps and now works at Wabtec as a Cyber Defense Manager, where he has acquired expertise and experience across IT fields such as network, data, and security. His passion lies in data loss prevention and incident handling, along with educating cross-functional teams on cybersecurity best practices.

David Feehan has extensive professional experience as the CEO of three downtown organizations and two community development corporations as well as a technical assistance center. Additionally, he was the founding President of the International Downtown Association and an expert on downtown revitalization.

Achievement and Honors

David Feehan has demonstrated remarkable leadership and management abilities throughout his career. He has spearheaded three downtown organizations, two community development corporations, a technical assistance center, served as president of the International Downtown Association, helped set up a parking system and provided consulting services to numerous governments, businesses and nonprofits.

His most remarkable accomplishment is founding and operating Civitas Consultants LLC, a downtown revitalization firm that has dramatically altered the face of downtown Mobile. He is an acclaimed speaker and expert in this field.

He has authored multiple books and articles, as well as being frequently quoted in the media. Furthermore, he created groundbreaking book trailer commercials which have been aired on television and movie theaters alike.

Personal Life

David Feehan, a well-known and beloved New Zealand vocalist, has been at the forefront of jazz rock, blue eyed soul/R&B for over four decades. He has performed with international luminaries like Rodger Fox Big Band as well as his own band DFB.

He released his third solo album ‘Bronze’ in 2008/9, featuring 6 original compositions and 8 adaptations. This collection offers a mix of styles from contemporary to classic, featuring duets with Emma Davey and Fiona Bee among others.

David Feehan’s newest book, Safe Harbor, tells the tale of Hannah Drake as she bravely escapes a knife-wielding slasher and is saved by her sisters. Through it all, readers get an intimate look into Hannah Drake and her siblings’ relationship – who all possess supernatural powers.

Net Worth

David Feehan has an estimated net worth of $34.8 Million dollars as of 3 February 2022. He owns 440,443 units of Enova International stock.

He makes $7,229,910 as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer at Enova International. According to his Form 4 filed with the SEC in 2013, he has made at least 32 trades of Enova International stock since then.

Kerryn Feehan is an accomplished stand-up comic, known for her humorous performances in various roles. She’s also a writer and co-host of The Stand NYC, an established satire show that airs regularly on comedy channels. Kerryn’s reputation has grown through her innovative book trailer commercials as well as acting roles in several movies and TV shows.

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