David Fishbeck

David Fishbeck

David fishbeck was an American photographer and writer. He was well-known for his advertising, calendar, and editorial photography.

He also wrote articles and light poetry for national news and general-interest publications such as Life, Look, Colliers, and the Saturday Evening Post. He contributed to women’s magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, Judge, Mademoiselle, McCall’s, and War Brides.

Early Life and Education

David fishbeck was born in Los Angeles, California on December 11, 1938. He attended La Canada Elementary and John Muir High School in Pasadena. He was also a member of the LDS Church and served a mission in Florida.

He was also the recipient of a number of awards and honors including being named the most notable child care center in South Dakota. He is survived by his wife, Sherry Lee Fischbeck and their two children Sherie Pence and David Fischbeck, Jr., along with many nieces and nephews. He was also the proud owner of the fish-themed tiniest sexiest office in Missouri and was a big fan of his dog, Molly.

Professional Career

Fishbeck’s career was defined by his dedication and hard work. He had a strong desire to serve others and achieve his goals. He was always looking for ways to improve his knowledge and skills, he said. He hoped to one day become an astronaut or pilot. His ambition and determination were fueled by his love of science, which he learned in school. He also enjoyed astronomy and reading books by Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku and other theoretical physicists. He possessed an indefatigable nature and unquenchable optimism, which endeared him to friends and family.

He married his wife, Amy Kidder, only three months before he was killed in Iraq. Together, they worked at Group Motion Multimedia Dance Theater in Philadelphia. They also taught Group Motion workshops throughout the country and abroad.

Achievements and Honors

david fishbeck was a three-year starter at Gregory-Portland High School where he threw for 3,792 yards and 29 touchdowns. He was also a three-time academic all-district selection and named to the 2011 Academic All-State team.

He was a proud member of the Sam Houston State University football program where he was a red-shirt sophomore in 2012. He was also a standout on special teams as a long snapper and a member of the Lone Star Conference Commissioner’s Honor Roll. He also won a number of other awards and was recognized for his achievements by the local media. Besides being a great football player, he was a pillar of his community. He was a leader on the field and in the classroom. He made a positive impression on many of his teammates and was a good person to be around.

Personal Life

Fishbeck’s indefatigable nature and unquenchable optimism endeared him to his family and friends. He was also an avid reader who possessed a strong sense of humor.

In his spare time, he worked on a variety of projects. Some of his more noteworthy achievements include working as an advocate for full inclusion and effective teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity in the health education curriculum of the Montgomery County Public Schools, as well as consulting with other PFLAG chapters and allies throughout the region on advocacy issues.

He and his wife, Rae Ann Bringhurst, were married in the Los Angeles Temple on September 5, 1963. He and Rae Ann had two sons, John Rodney Fischbeck and Eric Neil Fischbeck. They lived in Taylorsville, Utah until his death.

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