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David Grigg Net Worth

David Grigg is an artist who explores the human condition through painting, video and installation.

He draws inspiration from personal experience, political imagery and local crime histories. His artwork has been featured nationally and internationally, with major public and private collections around the world.

Early Life and Education

David Griggs was born in Camden and raised in Pennsuaken Township. As a big boy with an attitude, David often found himself getting into trouble at a young age.

He attended Pennsuaken High School, where he was an outstanding football player. Additionally, he excelled in track and soccer competitions.

Dave was a Naval Pilot in the military, flying three overseas cruises and using A-4 Skyhawk fighter-bombers for the Navy.

After leaving the Navy, he earned a master’s degree from the University of Maryland and joined NASA as a civilian research pilot. He went on to become a flight instructor and member of NASA’s Space Shuttle Training Aircraft (STA) office before being selected as an astronaut candidate in January 1978.

He was an unwavering supporter of his country and champion for science and technology. His wife Heather, as well as daughter Emilia Kate Griggs of Spanish Fork, will miss him greatly.

Professional Career

David Griggs was an esteemed scientist renowned for his research into rock fracture and flow in mountain building, the global motions of lithospheric plates, and submicroscopic dislocation processes that underpin solid-state flow of rocks.

His contributions to military science and technology are well-known, but he also served as a mentor for many scientists during his tenure at Harvard University. His expert technical knowledge and remarkable memory enabled him to rally support for other researchers whose work was essential for national defense.

On Sunday, March 8th in Guilderland, North Carolina, he passed away. Surviving family members include his wife Melissa Hill; daughter Emilia Kate Griggs and parents James and Susan Griggs of Spanish Fork. All who knew him will cherish his sense of humor and kindness.

Achievement and Honors

David Griggs earned his commission in the United States Navy and served as a naval reserve pilot. During combat cruises in the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia, he piloted aircraft carriers.

He earned his degree from the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School in Patuxent River, Maryland and went on to conduct various test projects involving fighter and attack aircraft.

In September 1983, he began crew training as a mission specialist for flight STS-51-D, which took off April 12-19, 1985.

David Griggs is an acclaimed artist who explores the darker sides of human existence through painting and film. His inspirations come from underground media, local history and personal experience; he strives to engage with communities while being mindful of ethical and moral obligations. Furthermore, David has a profound respect for nature and is dedicated to its preservation.

Personal Life

David Griggs was born on February 5, 1967 in Camden, New Jersey and grew up in Pennsauken Township. As a hard-hitting linebacker for the University of Virginia, he earned his degree.

He was an enthusiastic football fan and renowned for being a fierce competitor. With an edge to him, he also had a mean streak and would never back down from any challenge presented to him.

He was an inspiring teammate and friend to many. His dedication and hard work are remembered fondly, while he also made history by conducting the first unscheduled extra-vehicular activity of NASA during STS-51-D.

Net Worth

David Grigg, the former CEO of VoteRiders, is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million. With 15 years’ experience working in political campaigns and government affairs under his belt, Grigg has amassed an impressive personal fortune.

He spent 7 years with the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, where he was heavily involved in the campaigns for Keith Ellison and Amy Klobuchar.

David Griggs is an enthusiastic public art practitioner and advocate. He has designed, constructed, and managed numerous Public Art projects.

He was born in Oregon on September 7, 1939 and is best remembered for performing the first unscheduled extravehicular activity (EVA) during Space Shuttle mission STS-51-D.

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