David Hartell

David Hartell

David Hartell is an Energy Industry veteran with four decades of expertise. He has provided advice on key aspects of the Energy Transition such as more efficient energy usage, improved field operations, and reduced GHG emissions.

He has developed and implemented Intelligent Operations (IIO) strategies and technologies for remote Energy Industry facilities in Africa, Australia, and South America. Furthermore, his company Geothermal Power offers a competitive alternative to solar and wind power sources.

Early Life and Education

David Hartell was born in 1705 near Halifax, Yorkshire and developed into an intensely committed student. He served as Sizar at Bradford Grammar School before attending Jesus College, Cambridge where he earned both a BA and MA. In 1726, Hartell earned his BA while simultaneously studying abroad with Rustat scholar status at Jesus College.

After graduating, he went on to practice medicine and pursue further study at Oxford University. His medical works were widely published, including Observations on Man, His Frame, Duty and Expectations which became his most acclaimed work. On August 28th 1757 in Bath Somerset he passed away and was buried at St John the Baptist Church, Old Sodbury Gloucestershire where he is widely credited as being the founder of Associationist school of psychology.

Achievement and Honors

David Hartell was an outstanding student who excelled in many collegiate activities. He served on the student government executive committee for two years and was part of their award-winning baseball team. Additionally, David earned several recognitions for his work with campus newspaper and Center for Student Leadership.

David Hartell had a remarkable professional life as a literary editor and publisher. As senior editor at Tor Books, he penned The End of Time – which went on to become one of the bestselling SF novels ever. Additionally, he co-founded The Little Magazine (1965-1988), an influential literary journal; as well as Hartwell Books – which became classics over time.

Personal Life

David Hartell was a loving father, husband and grandfather. He also gave of himself to his church and community by volunteering at his local hospital.

In his free time, he loved traveling the world with his wife Bella Hartell. An accomplished craftsman, he took pleasure in working with his hands to renovate and upgrade many of their family’s home features.

He is survived by his beloved wife, Bella Hartell; daughter Violet May Sum (Hartell); and sister-in-law Darren Hartell. He will be dearly missed by his family and friends.

Net Worth

David Hartell is an American actor and singer with a net worth of $500 Thousand. He’s best known for his role as Parker Williams on the hit NBC series In the Heat of the Night and has also featured in films such as Silver Bullet and Legal Eagles. When not working, David enjoys spending time with family and friends; plus he does charity work through his donation-based resale store where proceeds go towards supporting their local animal shelter with his wife Lauren.

David Hartell is an expert in the Energy Industry with over four decades of experience in Asset Management, Project Management, Engineering and Construction projects as well as Production Operations and Maintenance. He has created Integrated Intelligent Operations (IIO) strategies and Digital Transformation strategies for remote Energy Industry facilities throughout Africa, Australia and South America.

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