David Hartz

David Hartz – Artist, Philosopher, Mentor and Friend

David Hartz is an internationally acclaimed artist with expertise in drawing, painting, performance art and sculpture. He boasts an impressive international exhibition record.

His work has been featured at the Double Ten Festival in Taipei, Taiwan and Edmonton’s Fringe Festival. Additionally, he competed twice in the World Fire Sculpture Championship in Riga, Latvia and Tallinn, Estonia. Additionally, he was commissioned to create art for Bergonnwend 2022 in Innsbruck Austria and Roundhouse Community Center in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Early Life and Education

Hartz, an acclaimed American political philosopher and intellectual historian, was born in 1918 to Russian immigrant parents. He spent his formative years in Omaha, Nebraska before earning a PhD from Harvard University in 1946.

He taught at Harvard for three decades, where his lectures on eighteenth and nineteenth century European thought, American political theory and historiography were highly regarded and influential. His 1955 study of American liberalism, The Liberal Tradition in America, provided a unique and original view of the nation’s history.

Vicki Volpicelli, the former Newfield superintendent, left for Oklahoma City in July and Hartz was appointed acting superintendent that same month. On October 18th the Board of Education officially made him superintendent at their meeting on March 18th.

Professional Career

David Hartz was a scientist, mentor and friend who had an immense effect on the careers and lives of many students and postdocs. He inspired them to think outside the box, sparked their interest in research and provided invaluable guidance along the way.

He published numerous papers on xenobiotic transport processes using various model systems such as Xenopus laevis eggs, fish kidneys and renal proximal tubules. He collaborated with numerous scientists including William B. Kinter, David Peakall, Martin Rodbell, John Pritchard and Joseph Fenstermacher (Fig 1a-c) on this research.

He then joined the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences’ Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology in 1985, continuing his collaboration with John Pritchard as an Expert Research Physiologist. At NIEHS he served as Senior Investigator and Head of the Intracellular Regulation Group until his retirement in 2016.

Achievement and Honors

David Hartz was an accomplished artist with a range of abilities that included performance art, sculpture and digital artwork. Additionally, he served as an inspiring mentor and friend to many.

One of his greatest achievements was creating a pyrotechnic fire talisman that lit up Fox TV’s large, impressive fire logo. This accomplishment fills him with pride and will be long remembered by those who witnessed it.

Other significant contributions of his include his involvement with Cirque De Flambe, a Seattle-based group known for their fire and pyrotechnics shows. As someone with firsthand knowledge of many of their spectacular acts, he has had the chance to witness firsthand their spectacular displays.

Personal Life

David Hartz was a man of many talents and an accomplished academic. He held the position of professor of government at Harvard University and had extensive expertise on political theory, history, and American liberalism.

He won the Woodrow Wilson Prize for his 1956 book The Liberal Tradition in America and also received the Lippincott Prize. His research and writing focused on eighteenth and nineteenth century European thought as well as American political theory.

He enjoyed an intellectual life that was filled with his work, as well as time spent with family. A dedicated husband and father, Dave loved hosting big family gatherings. Together with his wife Joan, he traveled extensively. Dave is survived by his children, stepchildren, and many grandchildren.

Net Worth

Hartz is a former Partner at Founders Fund and an investor in several stealth startups. Additionally, he co-founded Eventbrite – a self-service ticketing platform.

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