David Hasty

David Hasty

David Hasty is a judge in Cumberland County NC and has announced his candidacy for reelection this year.

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Early Life and Education

David was an eager student of history who wanted to experience the world. This nine month journey through Europe and Asia gave him a new perspective on people and culture around the world while building lasting friendships.

He then relocated to Southern California, working as a marketing consultant. Eventually, he launched his own business venture.

David Hasty had an illustrious professional career in the food industry. He served as Product Manager for Campbell Soup and Ore-Ida, both divisions of Heinz Corporation.

Professional Career

David Hasty’s career was one of many highlights. He served in the military, established his own business and rose to become a leader in real estate financing.

His life was full of diverse interests, from sports to the arts. He possessed an uncanny sense of grace and character, always doing the right thing while showing tremendous care for those around him.

He was an expert angler of medium sized fish, but his greatest accomplishment was certainly his nine month journey around Europe and the Mediterranean. On this trip he formed lasting friendships, broadened his horizons, and gained a fresh perspective of himself – it will remain a life-altering experience that will remain with him forever. Best of all? He never lost his zest for living or sense of humor!

Achievement and Honors

David Hasty is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. He’s an esteemed producer who has produced several successful films, such as Gravity and all of the Harry Potter movies.

He is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, such as being honored with The Hasty Pudding Institute’s Order of the Golden Sphinx in 2014.

The award is given annually to honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to both performing arts and Harvard. It is the highest honor bestowed by The Hasty Pudding Institute.

Personal Life

David has always been drawn to those who challenge the status quo and strive for betterment. His passion for travel took him on a nine-month solo journey across Europe, Russia, Asia and the Far East where he formed lasting friendships and gained new insights into his own life.

He began his career in advertising, working for several high-profile companies as a Marketing Manager. Subsequently, he transitioned into real estate financing as Vice President of Marketing for Long Beach Mortgage, Aames Home Loans and Ameriquest.

He was a loving husband and father, survived by his loving wife Mary; sons Michael Hasty, Carl Hasty (Mark Glassley), June Pulver and Jeanne Hasty; sisters Patricia Kehmeyer and Harley Parker; grandchildren Courtney Holt, Caroline Hasty, David Hasty, Charlotte Hasty, Graham Hasty, Patrick Hasty, James Hasty; Savannah Jones Madison Jones Wilson Jones; as well as many nieces and nephews.

Net Worth

David Hasty is a veteran real estate agent with over fifteen years of experience. He believes that marketing, pricing, strong interpersonal skills and local knowledge are the keys to success in the industry.

He believes in helping his clients realize their real estate aspirations through genuine service and integrity. With a dedication to excellence in his profession, he strives to be the best in this field.

He is the latest Black Hollywood mogul to make Forbes Billionaires list, joining Michael Lee-Chin, Mohammed Ibrahim and Shawn Carter on this esteemed list. His inclusion serves as a major testament that it is possible for Black Americans to achieve great success in this industry.

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