David Jorgensen

David Jorgensen

David Jorgensen is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Katun Corporation, which specializes in OEM photoreceptors, imaging supplies and parts for office equipment. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Utah as well as an MBA from the University of Washington.

He holds a PhD in business administration with an emphasis in strategic management and entrepreneurship from the University of Memphis, where his research explores entrepreneurial personality, processes and managerial decision-making.

Early Life and Education

David Jorgensen was raised in Salt Lake City and attended the University of Utah, earning a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Subsequently, he earned an MBA from the University of Washington as well.

He began his career at Dataquest, a high-tech market research firm, before co-founding Katun Corporation. This business produces OEM compatible photoreceptors, imaging supplies and parts for office equipment.

He was an incredible husband and father who brought joy into the lives of everyone he encountered through his friendship and laughter. On many holidays and gatherings at his home, he added seats for dear friends that became part of his extended family circle. A loving grandfather and great-grandfather, he adored Lincoln, Maverick, Easton, Blake and Avia with all his heart. Predeceased by his wife Jeannette and son Michael, he is survived by his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Professional Career

David Jorgensen is a financial advisor with more than 11 years of experience. He currently works for Morgan Stanley in Hartford, Connecticut and holds both Series 63 and 65 licenses that allow him to provide investment advice within Connecticut.

He has previously worked at Massmutual and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, and is licensed to provide investment advice in Connecticut and Texas.

He is an expert on the New Testament and ancient Mediterranean religions, with a specialization in patristic studies. He has taught at Boston College and served as Assistant Editor of New Testament Abstracts and assistant research professor of New Testament. Additionally, he holds a junior fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Study and belongs to both North American Patristics Society and Society of Biblical Literature.

Achievements and Honors

David Jorgensen has earned a host of distinctions throughout his life. He is a member of the University of Utah’s Distinguished Alumni Association and was the founding director of a high-tech market research firm.

One of his greatest accomplishments is the Wyoming Reads Program, which provides free books to first graders throughout Wyoming. This initiative has since been replicated in other states such as Oregon and Minnesota.

David Jorgensen has achieved great success academically, as well as on the athletic field. His longtime ambition has been to play football for East Carolina and he’s doing everything in his power to make that a reality.

Personal Life

David Jorgensen was a beloved husband, father and grandfather who left an indelible mark on his family and friends. A kindhearted individual, David always looked out for others and provided assistance whenever possible.

He enjoyed playing golf, fishing and biking with his wife. Additionally, he treasured the time he shared with his children and grandchildren.

He was a successful professional who worked for many years in the financial industry. He held an MBA and PhD degree, served as CEO of Dataquest – a high-tech market research company based in Atlanta and also practiced CPA. Survived by his wife Jeannette; children Ann (Paul), Michael, Paula; grandchildren Julie, Harlan and Tony; as well as parents Louis and Annie Jorgensen who predeceased him.

Net Worth

David Jorgensen is an Assistant Professor of Management at the University of Memphis, where he teaches courses on strategic management and entrepreneurship. His research examines how personality affects entrepreneurial success or failure, managerial decision-making, and competitive strategy.

As an educator, he strives to make his courses practical and enjoyable. His passion lies in aiding his students achieve their full potentials and is dedicated to seeing them reach success.

His estimated net worth is $9 million, which includes his assets and income from various sources. This estimate is based on publicly available information.

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