David Kalinske

David Kalinske

David Kalinske is the Chief Revenue Officer at Morpheus Space and a former aide to two US presidents with extensive expertise in government and aerospace. As such, his knowledge base extends far beyond just this industry.

He previously held executive roles at Flex and Global Hybrid Company. His expertise spans network planning and engineering, product management, OSS/BSS development, finance operations roles.

Early Life and Education

David Kalinske, a 1988 Portage Central High School graduate and aerospace executive, has made quite an impression throughout his career. His list of accomplishments includes serving as White House military aide to two presidents.

David Kalinske has made a lasting impact in the fields of technology and education. He currently serves as CEO of an extensive chain of preschools and chairs the board for a company that creates curriculum for children with special needs. Furthermore, David actively supports philanthropic organizations such as Tucson Boys Chorus, THS 1962 Legacy Fund and UA Foundation.

Professional Career

David Kalinske has since achieved great success after leaving Sega and has become a renowned figure within the game industry. His passion for mentoring continues to shine through as an enthusiastic supporter of educational technology startups.

He currently sits on the board of Cambium Learning Group, which creates curriculum materials for children with special needs. Furthermore, he is a partner at CrossCut Ventures which invests in mobile, social, cloud computing, consumer technology and new platforms.

His professional career has seen him in a variety of positions, such as executive at Mattel, Matchbox, Sega of America and Leapfrog. Additionally, he is an active philanthropist who supports numerous charitable organizations.

Achievements and Honors

Kalinske, a 1988 Portage Central graduate and Top Gun military pilot, earned his Marine Corps wings as an experienced Top Gun pilot before participating in Shock and Awe bombing raids during Operation Iraqi Freedom from an aircraft carrier. Now a White House military aide for two presidents, he continues to demonstrate his military prowess.

He was even once asked to carry the country’s nuclear football — the attache that holds the code for an atomic attack on a target. But unlike in movies, he never strapped it onto his wrist while accompanying President Obama at every appearance and trip.

Kalinske has achieved great success throughout his career, earning him numerous accolades and honors. Among them, he was inducted into the Toy Industry Hall of Fame and led several U.S. corporations such as Mattel and Sega of America; additionally, he made significant contributions to over a dozen philanthropic organizations.

Personal Life

David Kalinske is a renowned businessman and entrepreneur with extensive expertise in government, aviation, and aerospace industries.

After serving four tours in the Marine Corps, he joined President Barack Obama as a White House military aide. His responsibilities include accompanying him on various trips and state visits as commander-in-chief.

He is a retired Top Gun pilot who flew bombing raids during Operation Iraqi Freedom. With an extensive and distinguished military career behind him, Captain Johnson has achieved great success in his endeavors.

Kalinske cherishes spending time with family, and he strives to stay active through his children’s involvement in philanthropic organizations such as Tucson Boys Chorus, THS 1962 Legacy Fund, UA Foundation and many others. In his free moments he loves playing golf, doing yard work and keeping fit.

Net Worth

David Kalinske has an estimated net worth of $10-$20M. As a prominent businessman, he has founded multiple successful companies like Leapfrog and Knowledge Universe and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. Additionally, he serves on several boards such as Stiched Insights, Adjunct Professor Link, Storyworld, and the University of Wisconsin School of Business. Additionally, David has received multiple awards for his achievements within the industry; including developing new technology and improving education; plus being inducted into the Toy Industry Hall of Fame which further increased his net worth.

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