David Kirichenko

David Kirichenko

David Kirichenko is a journalist specializing in Eastern Europe. Follow him on Twitter at @DVKirichenko.

Since the Euromaidan Revolution, Russia has been engaged in an aggressive information war against Ukraine. It spread false stories to weaken pro-Western forces and justify its invasion of Crimea and Donbas. Furthermore, Russian media outlets have attacked Ukrainian outlets; fortunately, The Kyiv Post has emerged as an influential voice.

Early Life and Education

David Kirichenko was born in Kiev, Ukraine and speaks four languages. He has lived and worked throughout the Caribbean, Europe and North America; currently working for Amazon as a tech consultant while being recognized as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum. When not working, David enjoys skydiving, playing soccer (he supports FC Dynamo Kyiv!) and reading. Furthermore he volunteers his services with Dobra Sprava in Donbas as part of raising funds to provide supplies for Ukrainian soldiers fighting Russia’s invasion of their country.

Professional Career

David Kirichenko is employed in engineering for a major technology company and an editor at Euromaidan Press, an English-language media outlet in Ukraine. When not at work, David enjoys skydiving, playing soccer (he supports FC Dynamo Kyiv), reading books and writing essays. With four languages spoken and thirty countries visited under his belt, David holds deep passions about Eastern Europe and Ukraine’s Euromaidan revolution. At present he’s working on cloud security detections for Amazon Web Services while serving on Seattle’s Community Technology Advisory Board. You can follow David on Twitter @DVKirichenko

Achievements and Honors

David Kirichenko is a freelance journalist specializing in Eastern Europe and an editor at Euromaidan Press. A native English speaker, he has lived and traveled throughout regions of the Caribbean, Europe and North America. When not working, David enjoys skydiving, playing soccer (he supports FC Dynamo Kyiv!) and writing. With four languages under his belt, David writes articles on topics ranging from philosophy to psychology to time perception – you can find him tweeting @DVKirichenko!

This summer, rising college juniors from around the country gathered at Princeton for an international policy workshop taught by James Gadsden – former U.S. ambassador to Iceland – as part of Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs Junior Summer Institute. Kirichenko attended this year’s JSI and presented his research during a session.

Personal Life

David Kirichenko is a freelance journalist specializing in Eastern Europe and editor at Euromaidan Press. Additionally, he holds the positions of Security Engineering Technical Program Manager for Amazon Web Services and Global Shaper for the World Economic Forum. In addition to his professional responsibilities, he has dedicated time and energy towards aiding Ukrainian refugees in the United States, Mexico, and Ukraine. Furthermore, he volunteers for an organization based in Dnipro that supplies soldiers on the frontlines of the conflict in Donbas. He has been recognized for his contributions to society in several high-profile awards. Currently living in Seattle, Washington with his wife and son, he enjoys skydiving, watching a great football match (especially one featuring FC Dynamo Kyiv), reading an interesting book, and learning about new technology.

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