David Kozak

David Kozak – A Passionate Father and Husband

David Kozak, the founder of Elite Collegiate Planning and Paradigm Financial Group, is passionate about helping families realize their aspirations of debt-free college experiences. His services include creating customized plans tailored to each family’s individual needs and budget, so families can achieve financial peace of mind during college.

Kozak is a graduate of Franklin and Marshall College with over 10 years of experience in the insurance industry and is also a Certified Financial Planner.

Early Life and Education

Kozak’s education began at Gannon University, where he earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in political science. Following that, he went on to serve in the Air Force as a missile officer and instructor at their Academy.

He also taught at the National War College in Washington, D.C., where he frequently invited former presidents to address his students – such as Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

Kozak has taught at the Air Force Academy for 44 years and now retired from Gannon. After years of traveling for business, he and his wife Mary Anne Mandevill Kozak will be back together again after years apart.

Professional Career

David Kozak is a leader in government relations with an impressive 30-year record of strategic and tactical successes at all levels – federal, state and local. His expertise also extends to legislative advocacy, grassroots organizing, business development, fundraising efforts as well as political campaign management.

He is a managing partner at Paradigm Financial Group, Inc. and founder of Elite Collegiate Planning, which assists families in planning for college expenses.

Kozak served as an Air Force missile officer before teaching political science at both the Air Force Academy and National War College. He invited former presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter to speak to his students, followed by President Reagan hosting them at the White House.

Kozak has also taught a popular course on the presidential election at Gannon University, with an emphasis on Donald Trump’s reelection campaign. This semester he included two guest speakers: Erie native Steve Scully and former Congressman John English who resigned in disgrace to campaign for Trump.

Achievements and Honors

David Kozak earned an associate professorship in psychology at the University of Colorado Denver, and during this time he gained notoriety for his statistical acumen and no-nonsense approach to research in an academic setting. Furthermore, David consistently went above and beyond with his unflinching dedication to teaching his students about the human brain; not to mention all of the accolades he received while serving as dean of the College of Health Sciences.

Personal Life

David Kozak is a dedicated father and husband. His passion lies in aiding students achieve financial stability, as well as helping them plan for retirement.

After years in sales and marketing, he desired to build a business that was successful both financially and socially. Therefore, he founded Elite Collegiate Planning and Paradigm Financial Group with one mission: to assist his clients.

Kozak was accused of fatally stabbing Andrea Farrington at Coral Ridge Mall in June 2012, and a jury will decide on Friday whether he is guilty or not of first-degree murder.

Net Worth

Kozak earned his net worth through a long career in the military and is well-known as a political commentator. Recently retired as professor of public policy at Gannon University after 44 years at the Air Force Academy, he and his wife MaryAnne plan to spend more time together after retirement.

As a former missile officer, he was part of the team responsible for activating nuclear weapons in case Presidents’ emergency calls went unanswered. Additionally, as professor at National War College, he gave his students access to former presidents as guest speakers. His last class will be in December – an important milestone as he prepares to leave academia behind and enjoy life with family.

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