David Kozlowski

David Kozlowski

David Kozlowski is a prominent New York attorney with extensive expertise in bankruptcy law. He was selected as a Super Lawyer for 2018-2022.

He possesses a comprehensive expertise in bankruptcy, closely held business, business/corporate and creditor debtor rights matters. Additionally, he represents clients in family law disputes.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood is when children begin to shape their minds and learn how to interact with others, which will be essential for their future growth and success.

This period is often referred to as the ‘window of opportunity’, since it has been found to have the greatest impact on a child’s overall development. Therefore, it is essential that all young children receive quality early childhood education and care in order to maximize these advantageous effects during this critical stage.

Many great minds have contributed to the field of early childhood education. It is essential to comprehend their theories so as to craft a more customized approach when teaching children.

Professional Career

David Kozlowski has over 23 years of expertise in mental health. He works closely with children and families to foster, sustain, and enhance their connections to one another.

He has also developed and taught a social health curriculum at Herriman High School called “Level Up.” This class educates students about improving their social wellbeing and has earned them statewide recognition.

He is an active participant in his community and has been involved with a variety of charitable organizations. He serves as Director of Advocacy for the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy as well as being involved with legal aid society as Director of Advocacy.

Achievements and Honors

David Kozlowski has earned a variety of distinctions throughout his career. Most notably, his role as director of Drake University’s men’s tennis program which he led to six conference championships and seven NCAA Tournament appearances.

He currently works as an attorney at Morrison Cohen LLP in Manhattan, representing distressed companies, entrepreneurs and small businesses on matters ranging from bankruptcy to business litigation. Furthermore, he volunteers 300 hours annually with SiteWatch Galisteo Chapter to preserve archaeological sites in New Mexico.

Macomb, Illinois native John Boles served as department chair at Western Illinois University from 1973 to 2006. Throughout this time he wrote and directed numerous theatre productions and was recognized with several awards.

Personal Life

David Kozlowski is a licensed marriage and family therapist with more than 23 years of experience. He hosts the Light The Fight podcast, which has millions of downloads worldwide, to assist parents in building, maintaining, and improving their relationships with their kids.

He is the Executive Director of Quit Trip’n, a non-profit he founded. He frequently appears on ESPN 700 Radio, KSL Podcast and Studio 5, as well as BYU’s Family Matters program and many other media outlets.

He is the proud father of three children and has been happily married for over four decades. In addition to spending time with his family, he loves going out to eat, traveling and spending quality time with his grandchildren.

Net Worth

Kozlowski, a former CEO of Tyco International and businessman with an estimated net worth of $600 million, has built up this fortune through his successful career in business and is able to lead a comfortable lifestyle as a result.

His tenure at Tyco saw the company expand into a global security systems provider. He served as CEO from 1992 until 2002 and spearheaded many key decisions that helped shape its course towards success.

His rise in the industry was spurred by strategic mergers and acquisitions. He earned numerous accolades during his tenure, including a National Award for Corporate Performance Management.

Kozlowski was found guilty in 2005 of securities fraud, grand larceny and falsifying records for his involvement in the Tyco scandal. Together with former Chief Financial Officer Mark Swartz, he and Kozlowski were convicted on these counts.

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