David Kruth

David Kruth – A Real Estate Investor

David Kruth is an experienced real estate investor with 30 years of experience both domestically and internationally.

He currently serves as the Managing Partner of BQ Properties and an Adjunct Assistant Professor for Columbia University’s Masters Program of Real Estate Development & Investment.

Early Life and Education

David Kruth earned his undergraduate degree at Columbia College in Chicago before embarking on his book conservation and bookbinding career with the Library of Congress. Later in San Diego he worked at several fine presses. David treated many significant books from our collection such as Nicholas of Lyra’s Postilla super Librum Psalmorum; Carleton Watkins’ Views of Thurlowe Lodge by Carleton Watkins and various Camera Works issues for us.

Maria Grandinette, then Preservation Officer in the Conservation Department, was determined to hire David as soon as she joined in 1998. She would send David postcards everyday encouraging him to move up from Stanford. In time he eventually did so – becoming one of our valued colleagues while always remaining approachable while upholding an exceptional level of professionalism.

Professional Career

David Kruth brings over three decades of experience to the global real estate industry. Among his numerous accomplishments are serving as CIO & Portfolio Manager of Goldman Sachs Asset Management and AllianceBernstein; becoming a founding partner of Brooklyn // Queens Properties (a value-add real estate investment and development company); managing an impressive portfolio of commercial properties throughout Manhattan and nearby Brooklyn neighborhoods; serving as Adjunct Assistant Professor of Real Estate at Columbia University’s GSAPP; among many more things.

As an avid music and movie fanatic, David is passionate about all forms of art and science. A proud parent to two children, one thing stands out about David’s professional journey – never missing an opportunity to help people both professionally and personally.

Achievement and Honors

David is not only a highly accomplished book conservator but is also an award-winning artist known for his stone carving skills. In 2014, his alphabet carved alphabets were showcased at San Francisco Public Library as an exhibit. A passionate reader himself, David has published multiple articles about Japanese calligraphy as well as providing excellent mentorship opportunities for fellow Conservation staff and interns alike.

David has treated an impressive range of books from medieval to contemporary during his tenure at Stanford and achieved some of our finest results. Most notably, he adheres to minimal intervention principles when handling fragile manuscripts or early printed books that require special handling techniques. Furthermore, David is an exceptional teacher, providing instruction on the latest tools used in our lab while sharing knowledge across Stanford with both students and colleagues within our department.

Personal Life

David Kruth, CFA has over three decades of real estate investment experience across both the US and internationally. He serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University GSAPP and currently manages Brooklyn/Queens Properties (BQP), a value-add mixed use development and investment group. Prior to founding BQP he held positions with Goldman Sachs Asset Management/AllianceBernstein/Schroder Real Estate Associates/Yarmouth Group/Lend Lease Real Estate as CIO, Portfolio Manager/ Securities Analyst or Analyst on global real estate securities investments/global real estate securities investments respectively;

Mr. Wilson is an accomplished board director, having served for five years on Rouse Properties (NYSE: RSE) from 2011-2016 and chairing their Special Committee tasked with selling Rouse to Brookfield Asset Management in July 2016. In addition, he has held leadership roles at numerous other boards and executive committees – such as Ithaca College’s Board of Trustees.

Net Worth

David Kruth currently has no net worth. He serves as director for Rouse Properties, Inc. and holds 21,663 units of its common stock; within the last year he sold them off estimated worthless shares worth $0 each. Kruth is known to engage in insider trading – which involves making trades based on information not publicly available – though academic research indicates this practice often outperforms market returns for their companies.

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