David Laibson

David Laibson Net Worth: $1 Million – $8 Million

David Laibson is an economist at Harvard University. He leads the Foundations of Human Behavior Initiative at Harvard and serves on the Russell Sage Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Professor Laibson has focused much of his research on the psychology of savings and investment. He is particularly interested in hyperbolic discounting, which explains why agents value commitment devices like 401(k) plans that allow them to accumulate assets without sabotaging their long-run goals.

Early Life and Education

David Laibson was born on 26 June 1966 and raised in Haverford, Pennsylvania. He received an AB (summa) in Economics from Harvard in 1988 and won a Marshall Scholarship to study at the London School of Economics (MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics).

He has taught since 1994. His research focuses on household finance, intertemporal choice, behavioral economics and neuroeconomics. He leads the Foundations of Human Behavior Initiative at Harvard University and is a Research Associate in the National Bureau of Economic Research’s Programs on Aging, Asset Pricing and Economic Fluctuations. He also serves on the Russell Sage Foundation’s Behavioral Economics Roundtable and the Health and Retirement Study Monitoring Committee. He has published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, American Economic Review and JEP.

Professional Career

David Laibson is a Harvard professor and a speaker on behavioral finance and economics. His research focuses on intertemporal choice, the psychology of saving and investments, and other related topics. He has published in prestigious journals and is often asked to provide guest lectures on the subject.

He holds an AB (summa) in Economics from Harvard University, an MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics from the London School of Economics, and a PhD from MIT. He has been on the Harvard faculty since 1994. He is married to Nina Zipser and has a son, Max. During their free time, they enjoy tennis, snorkeling, hiking, and cross-country skiing. The best part? They also enjoy the occasional bottle of champagne. The one that is the smallest and the best.

Achievements and Honors

David Laibson is a professor at Harvard University and has won numerous awards for his work in the field of economics. He has authored a number of notable articles, and his research has been published in prestigious journals including the Quarterly Journal of Economics, American Economic Review, JEP, Econometrica, and Science.

Laibson’s multi-disciplinary research covers subjects as diverse as Actuarial science, Econometrics and Computational biology. He has a special interest in time inconsistency, as well as intertemporal choice. The most impressive of his contributions is the “golden egg” model of temporal discounting. Using a complex mathematical formula to identify and monetize this phenomenon has been the subject of many papers and a well-crafted marketing campaign. The best part is that his research has actually saved lives in several countries around the globe.

Personal Life

David Laibson is an American economist who has earned several prestigious academic accolades. He is currently a professor of economics at Harvard University and leads the Foundations of Human Behavior Initiative at the university.

He has published in a wide range of areas, including behavioral finance, intertemporal choice, self-regulation, and behavior change. He is interested in understanding how consumers make decisions about allocating their resources over time, and he also develops new economic theories that incorporate insights from psychology and experimental economics.

He holds degrees from Harvard (AB Economics, summa cumule), the London School of Economic (MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics), and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (PhD in Economics). He is a Marshall Scholarship recipient and a Fellow of the Econometric Society and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Net Worth

David Laibson is an economist who has a net worth of $1 million – $8 million. He is a Professor at Harvard University and has been teaching there since 1994. His research focuses on macroeconomics, intertemporal choice, behavioral economics, and neuroeconomics. He has published dozens of papers and holds several academic awards. In 2019, he was elected to the National Academy of Sciences. He is also the author of numerous books. He was born on June 26, 1966 and is from Haverford, Pennsylvania. He is married to Nina Zipser and has one son. He is popular among students. He is ranked on the list of most popular Professor. He is currently living in Harvard, Massachusetts. He celebrates his birthday on June 26. He is famous for his work in economics.

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