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Artist Profile – David Langevin

David Langevin is an award-winning artist who has been creating stunning landscape paintings since 1994. Utilizing elements from nature (trees and rocks, water and sky, mountains and snow) with unconventional painting techniques to produce captivating visions that have drawn in art lovers, collectors, and nature enthusiasts alike.

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Early Life and Education

David Langevin hails from Quebec’s Eastern Townships where his artistic journey started early on in elementary school. Later, he would go on to receive his Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Ottawa before furthering his studies at both Montreal Museum of Art and Canadian Conservation Institute in Ottawa.

After several years of teaching, he decided to devote himself exclusively to painting. Since 1992, his surroundings in Kamloops, BC have provided ample opportunity for inspiration: technical columns written specifically for painters; lectures given about materials and methods of painting; as well as workshops conducted on these. Furthermore, his artistic creations include engaging landscape images as well as vibrant “tree portraits.” He has become well known as an author as well as teacher of painting techniques and methods.

Professional Career

David Langevin hails from Sherbrooke, Quebec and has earned himself an impressive career as a landscape painter. Known for his striking “tree portraits” and stunning paintings depicting Canadian wilderness areas that pay a lasting homage to its natural surroundings, Langevin stands out amongst his peers with powerful works that pay a lasting homage to nature’s unrestrained power.

He is an accomplished draftsman who draws upon his vast knowledge of materials and techniques to craft these striking works of art. His composition, color, and light focus makes them all the more visually impactful and distinct.

His work is quickly garnering widespread acclaim and has been included in numerous exhibitions throughout the country. Langevin captures both peaceful transparent water scenes as well as dynamic waterfall scenes with skill and ease, perfectly depicting them both with his paintbrush.

Achievement and Honors

David Langevin is a talented Canadian artist renowned for his striking portrayals of Canada’s wild terrain through composition, light and color. His pieces make them essential acquisitions for nature lovers or art collectors.

Langevin is an active member of the American Federation of Arts (AFA) and was honored with its “Distinguished Alumni Award.” Additionally, he currently serves in Congress for Rhode Island. Recently, Langevin introduced legislation that named Central Falls U.S. Post Office after 19th century abolitionist and suffragist Elizabeth Buffum Chace; his proposal was passed unanimously in both houses of legislature – making this momentous achievement an especially proud moment for Langevin and his family – a special thanks goes out to everyone involved for making this possible!

Personal Life

David langevin has dedicated much of his career to both teaching and creating art, earning himself a Master of Arts in Education degree from McGill University. Throughout this time he taught art classes to various grades before transitioning into full-time painting as a full-time painter.

David Langevin blends his knowledge of materials and techniques with an exquisite sense of design and drama to produce striking paintings of Canadian wilderness. His distinctive painting style involves layers of transparent paint, texture effects and dramatic lighting for maximum impact. Furthermore, his pieces often depict strong symbolism against time; his paintings can often be found here. Since 1992, David has lived and painted in Kamloops, British Columbia – drawing inspiration from its mild climate, unruly nature and magnificent trees for decades-long inspiration.

Net Worth

David Langevin is an award-winning Canadian painter renowned for his striking landscapes and “tree portraits”, which offer powerful depictions of Canada’s wildness. Born in Sherbrooke, Quebec in 1959, he now resides in Kamloops, British Columbia since 1992.

Langevin began drawing and painting as a child, eventually earning his Master of Arts from McGill University in 1990 and teaching art for several years. Today he works full-time as an artist while conducting workshops in painting techniques – currently having amassed an estimated net worth of $6 Million as of April 14 2023, according to SEC filings. As executive vice president and COO for Kadant Inc he owns 28 477 shares while on March 6 2023 selling 2,319 units of Manitex International stock for $12105!

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