David Langstaff

David Langstaff

David Langstaff is an accomplished executive with over 30 years of experience as the leader and director of advanced technology companies since 1984.

He currently holds the position of Executive Vice President, Leadership Division at The Aspen Institute and oversees their Global Leadership Network, Executive Leadership Seminars and Justice & Society Programs as well as Youth Leadership Programs as well as Weave: The Social Fabric Project.

Early Life and Education

David Langstaff serves as Interim Executive Vice President of Leadership and Seminars for The Aspen Institute, serving also as senior moderator in Aspen Global Leadership Network as well as Chairman of Business and Society Program Advisory Board. A Harvard Business School MBA graduate, David is well versed in corporate life having previously held posts with Veridian Corporation (NYSE: VNX) and TASC Inc. Additionally he holds trustee positions at Wolf Trap Foundation and Pestalozzi US Children’s Charity while avidly reading to find worthwhile material!

He has been the recipient of many prestigious accolades over his long and distinguished career, such as receiving the Aspen Institute Medal for Leadership and three awards in recognition of his contributions in music, public policy and business.

Professional Career

David Langstaff has had a distinguished career in business and community leadership, creating outstanding values-based cultures and high-performance executive teams.

He is an esteemed speaker on purpose-driven corporations and values-based leadership, serving on many boards for both private and public companies alike.

He led Veridian Corporation through an initial public offering in 2002 and assisted with the purchase of defense contractor TASC Inc.

At present, Mr. Dobkin serves on several committees at Premier Inc (NASDAQ:PINC), such as Audit & Compliance as well as other positions on their Board. He is also on the Audit & Compliance and other committees of Boston Dynamics; also as chairman under a Department of Defense Special Security Agreement for Idemia-National Security Solutions which offers biometric identification solutions.

Achievement and Honors

An effective executive must possess stamina to juggle multiple projects and activities successfully. David Langstaff is adept at multitasking as the Executive Vice President for Leadership & Seminars for The Aspen Institute while still managing to fit in performance, board service, music, etc. into his busy day-to-day routines.

The Aspen Institute provides numerous programs and initiatives designed to assist executives in developing their leadership abilities and improving their businesses. Their services also extend to research, analysis, and best-practice analysis on improving processes, strategies, and systems within businesses. Their most acclaimed initiative is their Aspen Institute Business and Society Program for high-potential employees that identifies and expands upon personal leadership potential.

Personal Life

David Langstaff has dedicated much of his career to working as an executive. Having founded and led three publicly-traded companies, he has an in-depth knowledge of what it takes to thrive in business.

Today, he serves in multiple roles – board service, corporate leadership and not-for-profit leadership. Additionally, as an Executive Fellow with the Center for Higher Ambition Leadership and Senior Moderator for Aspen Institute’s leadership seminars he helps leaders worldwide develop values-based approaches to leading.

He remains active in the not-for-profit arena, serving on boards of The Wolf Trap Foundation and Pestalozzi Children’s Charity. Additionally, he was recently an advisor for Defense Business Board. Furthermore, he sits on Aspen Institute’s Business and Society Program Advisory Board.

Net Worth

David Langstaff is an esteemed business and community leader renowned for his exceptional leadership, vision, values, and governance principles. With extensive experience as both Chief Executive Officer and Corporate Board Director – with proven success at developing outstanding values-based cultures – and as an in-demand speaker on purpose-driven organizations and values-based leadership; David is sought-after speaker.

Veridian Corporation was launched under his leadership and taken public in 2002 (NYSE: VNX). Prior to this he founded, led, and served as Chairman of TASC Inc, a defense contractor that was ultimately sold off to General Atlantic Partners and KKR in 2009. Furthermore he serves as an advisory member on the Defense Business Board which offers independent advice to both Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense.

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