David Lantz

David Lantz

David lantz is a published composer, arranger, and music editor. His works have been performed by choirs, symphonic bands, orchestras, and jazz ensembles alike.

His music has been featured in numerous films and television shows. Additionally, he owns his own record label, Narada Records.

Early Life and Education

David Lantz was born on June 28, 1950 in Seattle, Washington and grew up there before moving to Vancouver, British Columbia and later California.

He was an accomplished musician whose style was heavily influenced by rock and roll, jazz, and classical music. Additionally, he’s been part of numerous bands.

As a child, David enjoyed reading Westerns and was exceptional at sports. He excelled in basketball and baseball competitions within his neighborhood leagues.

He always earned good grades in school and enjoyed playing golf. His parents took him to Lakewood Country Club where he honed his skills at the game.

Professional Career

David Lantz is an accomplished and driven professional who has achieved great success in his field of study. As an attorney, his practice primarily encompasses Elder Law, Estate Planning & Probate matters.

David is a passionate philanthropist, giving back to the community in numerous ways. In addition to serving on several boards and committees, he has donated his time, money, and talent to numerous nonprofit organizations.

David is a proud Academy of Art University graduate, having received the school’s highly skilled and knowledgeable faculty’s guidance. His watercolor illustration The Road was awarded the Barbara Bradley Appreciation Award and was a finalist in the Society of Illustrators Student Competition.

Achievements and Honors

David Lantz was a celebrated composer, music editor and engraver, as well as an inspiring church choir director. His choral achievements earned him several major publishing awards and hundreds of compositions that can be found in print today.

David was an accomplished artist, producing works in watercolor, pencil and mixed media. His The Road piece inspired by Cormac McCarthy’s novel was an Academy of Art University School of Illustration student award winner and featured in the Society of Illustrators’ Spring Student Showcase. Additionally he developed patented musical score technology as well as an impressively large music box. David enjoyed traveling and playing golf; he was proud member of Pawtucket Lodge of Elks and avid reader of books ranging from children’s fiction to history and sports books.

Personal Life

David Lantz had an infectious enthusiasm and eagerness to embrace life’s opportunities. He treasured spending time with his family and friends, always looking forward to what the future held.

He had a passion for golf and traveling, along with an adventurous spirit that made him truly unique.

David Lantz always strived to make the best of every situation throughout his life. He never judged anyone and had a very compassionate and loving soul.

He was born in Orlando, FL and later lived in Reading PA, Denver CO and Tacoma WA before graduating from Stadium High School in Tacoma WA.

Net Worth

David Lantz is an American businessman, director, musician and filmmaker with a net worth of $1 million. He currently serves as Senior Vice President and Communications & Corporate Administration for Fortune Brands Innovations Inc.

He is the founder and CEO of Equinox Production Group, LLC – an independent film company. Their production company has produced, filmed and distributed one full feature film and is currently working on their second.

David Lantz Jr, was born on May 23, 1988 in Frederick, MD and grew up with his parents David Lantz Sr and Barbara Lantz. A graduate of Wyoming Valley West and Bucknell University, he earned his JD there in 2008. For over five years he has been practicing law out of Thurmont, MD with his two kids and mother by his side.

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