David Larrick

David Larrick

David Larrick was an internationally acclaimed author and poet, best known for his children’s book writing as well as teaching career.

He was an influential writer and pioneer in children’s poetry.

Early Life and Education

David Larson was born in 1960 to Nanette and Allan Larson of White Plains, New York and began exploring performing arts from an early age.

His musicals first gained widespread attention during his college years at University of California, Los Angeles where he studied works by numerous playwrights as well as developing close ties with composer Stephen Sondheim.

As soon as he made friends with AIDS victims, he sought to write a show about it. With Billy Aronson (author of La Boheme), they collaborated to compose an updated musical comedy update of Lower East Side life in response to HIV.

However, in 1996 he was hospitalized due to severe chest pains and shortness of breath. Although he underwent physical exams, cardiograms, and chest X-rays at Cabrini and St Vincent’s hospitals for his symptoms he did not receive an official diagnosis.

Professional Career

David Larrick has been working in the financial industry for about 14 years and currently works for Federated Securities Corp, where his goal is to help clients meet their retirement and investment goals by offering exceptional customer service.

Federated is an incredible company to work for because you get to help clients realize their goals and maximize their money. They offer investments and insurance products and services to clients worldwide – accessible both via their website or local offices – boasting an exceptional record of customer service.

Mrs. Misti Larrick makes education her passion every day and leads by example as an outstanding leader and colleague in her field.

Achievement and Honors

David Larrick was an expert educator and reader, yet his contributions reached far beyond classroom walls. With his vast collection of award-winning children’s books and an abundance of edtech tools at his disposal, he provided an invaluable source of educational resources and inspiration for educators nationwide.

Larrick has received much acclaim and appreciation for his leadership and innovation in education and innovation. Notably known as an author and poet, Larrick pioneered reading instruction with works like read-aloud books, edtech toys, textbooks that provide students with a pedagogical framework for collaborative reading as well as leading an outstanding team of educators in creating unique learning experiences to engage and excite students even under difficult conditions.

Personal Life

David Larrick serves as Technical Director at Savoyard Light Opera in Carlisle, United States.

David Gilbert Larrick was born on month day 1854, in Ohio to Casper Larrick and Margaret Hellyer Larrick who were later married around 1863.

Walter Morrow Larrick and Frederick Blair Larrick each had nine children from this union. There were also seven others.

He was laid to rest at Quaker Cemetery in Wilmington, Ohio, United States of America.

David was both a licensed musician and registered professional vocalist, certified with the American Vocal Association and known for his phenomenal voice he recorded over 100 songs as a performer in multiple musicals as well as winning several awards and honors throughout his long musical career. He made many friends along the way! He remains an admired member of his industry today.

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