David Lesnik

David Lesnik Net Worth – Canadian Retired Ice Hockey Player

David Lesnik was born on March 8, 1976 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and holds Polish nationality as a Canadian citizen.

He is a retired hockey player and former military officer. Additionally, he owns Soma Osteopathy – a small business.

Early Life and Education

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David Lesnik earned his degree in biochemistry from Oberlin College, known as one of the oldest higher educational institutions in America. Following graduation, he continued his career in science research.

Professional Career

David Lesnik, husband to renowned American TV host, actress and personality Jill Wagner, has an illustrious professional career. He served in the United States Airforce before embarking on his current endeavor as an art director and graphic designer.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Oberlin College, the second oldest higher education institution in America. Oberlin is renowned for its progressive student activism and was one of the first colleges to accept women and African Americans.

Following his graduation from Oberlin, David pursued a career in the military. During this period, he was deployed to various parts of the world.

Achievement and Honors

David Lesnik is an American YouTube star and renowned content creator. He has earned numerous prestigious awards such as the Streamy Award for Breakout Creator and Teen Choice Awards.

He rose to fame on video platform Vine, but after its closure he took his followers over to YouTube where they now have 13 million subscribers to his self-titled channel. Additionally, he hosted a reality show called Dodgeball Thunderdome for Discovery Channel.

David is a proud father and husband, married to Jill Wagner and proud papa of daughter Lija Lemanowicz. Together they enjoy an idyllic life together as husband and wife.

Personal Life

David Lesnik is a retired ice hockey player born on March 8, 1976 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Of Canadian and Polish descent, he holds dual citizenship between Canada and the United States.

He is married to Jill Wagner, an American actress and TV personality. The couple tied the knot at The Rose Hill Plantation in Nashville, North Carolina in April 2017 after getting engaged through social media.

They began dating when she was 17-years-old high school student and he a professional hockey player. According to reports, they went out on three dates before their romance ended when he moved away due to professional commitments.

Net Worth

David Lesnik is a Canadian former hockey player with an estimated net worth of $9 Million. He resides with his wife Jill Wagner in Tellico Plains, Tennessee with their two daughters and some dogs.

He is a self-described workaholic and doesn’t take much time off. To keep him productive, he employs full time assistant Natalie Mariduena to manage his social media and YouTube channels.

He is an accomplished Viner, having joined fellow Vine stars Zane Hijazi, Heath and Gabbie Hanna, Liza Koshy, and Jason Nash to form The Vlog Squad. With over 900,000 views per day, The Vlog Squad has become one of the most popular video groups on the platform.

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