David Lueras

David Lueras, 42, Was Killed in a Dumpster Fire

The Fort Worth Fire Department extinguished a dumpster fire early Wednesday. While firefighters were trying to put out the flames, they discovered three bodies. One of them was identified as David Lueras, 42. The identities of the other victims are still unknown. Investigations are ongoing into the cause of the fire. Visit the Fort Worth Fire Department website for more information. Here’s a glimpse at the tools that investigators use.

Investigators initially believed Lueras was a target in a ritual. They had no idea why he was targeted and killed. However, they did discover a body in a trash bag. It was not until days later that they realized their mistake. David Lueras, 42, had a long criminal record, including fraud, drug possession and theft. He was a frequent visitor to the Euless area.

Fort Worth police have ruled the murder a triple homicide, but they have not revealed a motive. Lueras was known in the Dallas area for being a burglar, and he was not a stranger to locals. Although Torres claimed that his cousin was murdered, police did not comment. He said that he does not know who or how it happened. According to a source close to the family, Lueras had a long criminal history.

Despite all the evidence, the case remains unsolved. Investigators are not yet sure what motived the murder. They do know the names of the victims: Maricruz Reyes Mathis was the victim, and Thornburg was his roommate. It is not clear how the victims were related. The investigation is still ongoing. If the case is proven, the killer will be sentenced to death.

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