David Luiz

David Luiz, Class of 1958, is a Businessman and Founder of Lum’s Auto Center

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Early Life and Education

David Lum is a successful businessman who owns and operates his own auto dealership, Lum’s Auto Center. This establishment has become one of the premier names in the region.

David Lum is a self-described lifelong learner who began his career in education. After teaching English at Echo High School near Hermiston, Oregon for several years, he changed careers and became an insurance salesman in Portland.

After several years in Portland, he and his wife Shirley moved to Astoria and opened a Toyota dealership. He is an active supporter of the community, having donated 12 spruce trees for restoration of stream habitat in Hawley Creek area. Furthermore, he supports many charitable causes such as the Hawley Creek Foundation.

Professional Career

David Lum, class of 1958 at Linfield College and owner/founder of one of the region’s most esteemed businesses, Lum’s Auto Center in Astoria, Oregon and Warrenton, Washington.

The Lums specialize in selling Toyotas, Scions, Chryslers, Jeeps, Dodges, GMC and Pontiacs as well as servicing the region’s fleet of trucks.

Following his graduation from Linfield, Lum spent seven years teaching and coaching at Echo High School near Pendleton in eastern Oregon before transitioning into insurance sales for cars and trucks in Portland.

In 1969, Lum returned to Astoria and opened Lum’s Auto Center. For 45 years now he and his wife have lived there, raising four children and six grandchildren.

Achievements and Honors

David Lum has earned numerous accolades throughout his long career in business. One particularly noteworthy award was for his donation of 12 spruce trees to restore stream habitat on Hawley Creek, a tributary of the Necanicum River.

He is also a proud member of the Astoria Regatta Association, an organization which recognizes those who contribute to its renowned annual event. For his exceptional service to this esteemed association, he was named an Admiral.

He has also been named a Fellow by the American Society of Criminology, an honor bestowed upon individuals who display exceptional scholarship and distinction in this field. Astoria resident Dr. Daniel Rooney will be honored during ASC’s annual conference in Chicago this November.

Personal Life

David Lum ’58 and his wife Shirley are renowned for their dedication to Astoria and Clatsop County through their community involvement and service. Additionally, they founded one of the region’s premier businesses: Lum’s Auto Center.

Dave and Shirley have three daughters: Lori, Julie, and Pam. Together they run the dealership in Warrenton, about six miles from Astoria.

In 2006, Time magazine described him as a “gentleman businessman” who has managed to successfully combine personal and professional life with an intense sense of community. For instance, when he needed timber cleared for a Toyota dealership in Warrenton, he donated 12 spruce trees to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife in order to help restore habitat for coho salmon on Hawley Creek – a tributary of the Necanicum River – through their restoration efforts.

Net Worth

David Lum ’58 co-founded one of the region’s premier businesses, now run by his two daughters. Their Warrenton dealership specializes in Toyota/Scion, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep GMC and Pontiac vehicles.

On January 9, Simon was informed by Chasen of Lum’s lower earnings projections for the second quarter and a 20% decline in profits compared to last year’s results.

Simon was an institutional salesman whose clients owned substantial amounts of Lum’s stock. As part of an “accommodation” between him and the management at Lum’s, Simon requested to be made aware of any significant changes in Lum’s position–not to assist Lum’s but rather to avoid appearing unprepared or uninformed to his clients.

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