David McQueen

David McQueen

David McQueen spent 37 years with the City of Elizabethton Parks and Recreation Department, beginning as a janitor and eventually rising to become supervisor of grounds.

He was found guilty of fraud in 2007 after running a $46.5 million Ponzi scheme. According to the government, he took advantage of people who were vulnerable and tried to become wealthy at their expense.

Early Life and Education

McQueen was born in Ealing, England on October 9, 1969 to working class immigrants from Trinidad and Grenada.

McQueen followed high school by enrolling in design school at London’s Central Saint Martins. His designs were eventually purchased by influential stylist Isabella Blow, kickstarting his career.

McQueen’s designs at the fashion house challenged what was considered normal in fashion. He often featured hourglass-shaped dresses and tight corsets in his creations.

McQueen’s style became highly recognizable during the 1990s, with his fashion shows often featuring dramatic and daring looks. He experimented with unconventional fabrics such as silk, leather and wool; also being openly gay had an immense effect on his designs.

Professional Career

David McQueen is a professional coach, speaker and facilitator. He assists companies and executives in honing their leadership and communication abilities, with an emphasis on workplace culture.

He has an engaging style and delivers his content with passion and clarity, keeping audiences engrossed throughout the presentation. Furthermore, his expertise on various topics allows for insightful discussions to ensue.

He is an internationally acclaimed speaker, having addressed conferences, in-house meetings, away days and executive retreats around the world. His keynotes and speeches focus on inclusive leadership – encouraging senior and middle leaders to use their own strengths for maximum impact while creating high-performing antifragile work cultures.

Achievements and Honors

David McQueen was a beloved figure in western Canada and an inspiration to generations of Edmontonians. Not only was he an esteemed minister and pioneer, but also an illustrious citizen who played an essential role in shaping the city today. Drawing upon records and images from Pchc archives, this exhibit seeks to spotlight some of McQueen’s lesser-known accomplishments while honoring him as one of history’s great influencers.

McQueen is a proud graduate of Colorado College and keeps up with contemporary developments in his field through frequent trips to and from the University of Alberta. In addition to his professional pursuits, he has dedicated much of his free time towards civic and community endeavors – both locally in Edmonton as well as beyond its borders.

Personal Life

David McQueen is an international speaker and executive coach. His expertise has been recognized across Europe, while also founding a tech incubator to empower Black entrepreneurs.

He is also an EY Canada Partner in Consulting, leading a team of over 2,000 consultants who strive to assist their clients grow, optimize operations and navigate distribution through innovation and transformation.

David Mcqueen has been sentenced to 30 years in prison yet refuses to accept responsibility for his actions. He blames lawyers and others for the failure of his investment companies that turned out to be nothing more than Ponzi schemes.

Net Worth

David McQueen is an executive coach, facilitator, board advisor and international speaker. He’s also the host of the BRAVE Leader podcast, three times TEDx speaker and author of Leadership – A Brave New World.

McQueen is a father to two, husband and friend to many. His net worth exceeds one million dollars.

In 2006, McQueen accepted funds from investors to invest in Multiple Return Transactions (MRT), owned by Jim Clements and promising monthly 10-percent returns. When MRT stopped making payments, McQueen sought new investors and used their money for interest payments on previous investments. According to the government, McQueen engaged in a Ponzi scheme which defrauded hundreds of people of their investment funds.

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