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Ari Melber and David Melber

Ari Melber is an iconic American journalist and TV personality best known for his shows on MSNBC and NBC.

Ari Melber is best known as the host of The Beat with Ari Melber on MSNBC and as its chief legal correspondent. His show has become one of the most watched on both TV and online platforms.

Early Life and Education

Ari Melber is a widely recognized American journalist and author, known for his work on MSNBC and NBC News as well as for contributing articles to Reuters and The Nation.

He has amassed an impressive list of interviews with politicians and legal experts that has made his programs immensely popular among viewers, such as Lee Daniels, Kamala Harris, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow, Meek Mill, Dave Chappelle, Ken Starr, Sheriff Joe Arpaio among many others.

He earned both his Bachelors in Political Science from the University of Michigan and Law Degree from Cornell Law School. Following graduation, he interned at one of New York City’s renowned lawyers’ offices where he gained valuable insight into professional practices of lawyers. Later he moved on to Washington DC where Senator Maria Cantwell played an integral part of his professional journey.

Professional Career

Ari Melber has become an important voice within MSNBC. He brings a fresh approach to breaking news coverage that deviates from the standard coverage of President Donald Trump and instead centers around stories with no connection with the president himself.

MSNBC has achieved great success at 6 p.m. with The Beat becoming their highest-watched 6 p.m. program ever – an important victory for a network that had previously struggled to fill that slot.

He is best known for writing columns and hosting work for several reputable news organizations, as well as serving as Vice President of Send Relief – an outreach ministry of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Achievement and Honors

Ari Melber has built an outstanding career in television and media. He is well known for his unique interviewing style as well as his expertise in law.

He is a lawyer and has served as host on MSNBC’s “The Beat” since its premiere in July 2017 with great ratings success.

His former attorney and mentor Floyd Abrams raves, noting how professional and relaxed he appears. Indeed, Abrams has become one of the most beloved hosts on MSNBC.

Personal Life

Ari Melber has become known for being extremely discreet when discussing his personal life, which has left his fans curious as to whether or not he is currently dating anyone.

Born March 31st 1980, American lawyer and journalist Andrew Napolitano is well known for his contributions across multiple television programs as the current Chief Legal Correspondent at MSNBC.

As a political columnist for such respected publications as The Nation, The Atlantic and Politico he earned himself an Emmy Award for his Supreme Court coverage on MSNBC.

At one time he was married to Drew Grant, an author and editor, before their split in 2017. It remains unknown as to why they decided to part ways.

Net Worth

David Melber is an American journalist, lawyer and author most renowned for his work at NBC News and MSNBC.

Eric Melber has appeared on various television programs including All In with Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow Show and Lawrence O’Donnell’s Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. Since 2017 he has hosted MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber.

He worked in political offices for Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash) and for John Kerry’s presidential campaign, graduating from Cornell Law School with a J.D.

He has earned acclaim as an investigative journalist over his long career, contributing to publications like The Atlantic, Politico, Reuters and The Nation – even serving as legal correspondent on MSNBC!

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