David Merabi

David Merabi – Personal Injury Lawyer

David Merabi is an eminently qualified personal injury attorney. He understands the significance of fighting tirelessly on behalf of his clients to ensure they receive maximum compensation for their injuries from day one of their case.

David Merabi has successfully recovered millions for his clients. If you have been injured in an accident, call David for a free consultation and initial case review.

Early Life and Education

David Merabi is a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles with extensive civil and criminal law knowledge, understanding that being aggressive about protecting his clients’ rights from the start is the only way to ensure they receive adequate compensation. David was admitted to the California Bar on 1st December 2014. His practice is in Los Angeles where he speaks both English and Farsi fluently – when not practicing, David spends his free time enjoying time with family, including their dog Fifty!

Personal Life

David Merabi is an accomplished, passionate attorney. As managing partner at Culver Legal LLP and having spent over 16 years representing his clients across various legal areas. He is a highly qualified and aggressive personal injury attorney who understands that in order to ensure his clients receive fair compensation for their injuries, he must fight tirelessly on their behalf from the outset of each case. He possesses extensive expertise in landlord/tenant and immigration law, which helps him provide his clients with comprehensive legal services that help them to realize their goals. He has successfully recovered millions of dollars for them as compensation and is dedicated to helping them navigate through the complexities of litigation.

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