David Milton

David Milton

David Milton is a Watchet town crier and folk singer who has created an engaging collection of songs about his hometown. The album boasts an impressive lineup of musicians and was expertly produced by Ange Hardy.

“Crossing the Bar” is an exquisite rendition of Tennyson’s poem, featuring a stunning accordion backdrop and stunning vocal harmonies. Other popular tunes include “Greenland Whale Fisheries,” “The Last Long Ship,” a lament for Wansborough Paper Mill closing after more than 260 years, a tale about a Viking funeral at West Quay and some traditional shanties.

Early Life and Education

David Milton was born in Bread Street Cheapside, London on December 9th 1608 and received a remarkable education at St Paul’s School under Thomas Young – who also happened to be a Presbyterian.

At this stage, Milton began to form his political and religious views, which would later shape his work and cement him as an influential English author.

He then continued his education at Christ’s College, University of Cambridge, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 1629 and Master of Arts the following year in 1632. Additionally, he composed numerous poems during this time.

After graduating from university, Milton traveled around Europe. He encountered many renowned scholars such as Galileo and visited Geneva where he met Calvinist theologian Giovanni Diodati. Additionally, during this period he learned about the Civil War in England.

Professional Career

David Milton is an attorney specializing in civil rights and Constitutional law. A member of the American Bar Association, he has been recognized by his peers as a Super Lawyer.

He has been practicing law since 2002 and is licensed to practice in Massachusetts. He provides legal representation to both individuals and businesses alike on a wide variety of matters.

David is a legal professional as well as a content creator. He has reviewed bakeries in Connecticut, created videos for Dunkin Donuts and filmed events around the state.

Achievements and Honors

David Milton’s achievements and honors are numerous. He is best known for his epic poems Paradise Lost and Samson Agonistes; in addition to other prose works that promoted freedom of conscience, civil liberty, religious tolerance, and the abolition of the Church of England.

His political tracts, often labeled antiepiscopal and antimonarchical, were written during the English Civil Wars, Interregnum, and Restoration. They opposed tyranny in both ecclesiastical and governmental forms – a philosophy which he carried with him throughout his life.

He wrote several other works, such as A Mask or Masque Presented at Ludlow Castle (1638) and A History of the World from its Inception to Its Descendancy (1701). He is widely considered one of history’s greatest authors.

Personal Life

David Milton had a deep-felt commitment to family, friends and the community throughout his life. He enjoyed fishing on his pontoon boat with Taz, spending time in the woods, riding motorcycles and rock collecting.

He was an incredibly hard worker who always went the extra mile to ensure everything was done correctly. His love for family and sense of humor were unwavering; everyone could tell a joke from him!

Following his successful career as a teacher, Milton decided to devote himself to private study and writing. He began recording his readings in a commonplace book which remained his constant companion throughout the years.

Net Worth

David Milton is a renowned writer whose net worth is estimated to be at least $4 million. His primary income comes from writing and he also owns a small business venture.

He is the founder of Nikola Motor, a company that creates semi trucks powered by batteries and hydrogen. In September 2020, he resigned as chairman due to allegations of misrepresenting its technology.

Milton’s net worth was estimated to be $3.1 billion in 2020. He owns approximately 25% of Nikola.

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