David Pendall

David Pendall

David Pendall is an esteemed leader in national security technology. Previously a National Security Fellow and US Army Liaison at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Laboratory – a DoD Federally Funded Research and Development Center.

His background lies in emergency medicine and clinical informatics, and he works closely with organizations to utilize informatics for better patient-centric outcomes through creating user-focused dashboards and visualizations that utilize informatics tools.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

David Pendall boasts an impressive professional resume that boasts of many achievements. His achievements range from studying mechanical engineering and working as an Emergency Medicine physician, to serving as CEO for the Medical Foundation of Wisconsin.

He was previously honored as a National Security Fellow – an internship or training program focused on research, innovation and problem-solving.

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Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

David Pendall possesses an immense passion for nature and enjoys spending his free time exploring its wonders. Additionally, he enjoys reading and writing; having published books on plant medicine through Mercury House Publishing as an author; as well as performing his poetry at Burning Man.

He has served in military intelligence for more than 25 years and currently works as the G2 Senior Intelligence Offi cer of United States Army Europe, having taken this post since August 2016. Prior to this position he held various other military intelligence roles including Commander of 66th Military Intelligence Brigade as well as National Security Fellow/US Army Liaison at MIT Lincoln Laboratory which is funded by DoD to research National Security Technology research projects.

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