David Pernock

David Pernock Joins Eagle Surgical Corporation As President and Chief Commercial Officer

David Pernock has been serving on Eagle Pharmaceuticals Board since April 2015 and recently accepted an offer to become President and Chief Commercial Officer. As such, he will oversee all commercial strategy and execution for Eagle’s expanding product portfolio, such as expanded indications for Ryanodex(r).

Early Life and Education

David Pernock is an accomplished business leader, boasting an impressive list of accomplishments to his name. Most recently, he served as CEO for Fibrocell Science (FCSC). Prior to this role he held various executive roles at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), including serving as Senior Vice President (SVP) of Pharmaceuticals Vaccines and Biologics; additionally serving as president for Reliant Pharmaceuticals as well as director for Martek Biosciences Corporation.

He is well known for his charitable donations and has participated in countless charitable events over time, most recently a benefit auction held to support Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as well as ALS Association of Massachusetts.

Professional Career

David Pernock has extensive knowledge in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, having served on Eagle’s Board since April 2015.

Pernock will assume his new responsibilities effective January 2017. As President and Chief Commercial Officer, Pernock will oversee all commercial strategy and execution.

John has extensive experience in pharmaceutical and biotechnology leadership, having held various senior executive roles at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). These included: Senior Vice President for Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines (Biologics), Oncology, Acute Care and HIV divisions as well as being appointed Senior Vice President for Oncology Acute Care HIV division. John also serves as director at Martek Biosciences Corporation. In total he estimated net worth is approximately $3.2 Million with ownership of over 255 units of Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc stock valued at $28,700 which has seen 14 trades since 2013. According to Form 4, his biggest trade involved purchasing 50k units on 2 December 2016 worth $46,000!

Achievement and Honors

David Pernock joined Eagle Surgical Corporation (NASDAQ: EAG) as President and Chief Commercial Officer in April 2015. Prior to that he held various senior management roles within pharmaceuticals and biotech industries and is widely renowned for spearheading some of their most notable product launches in recent memory.

Other achievements of note for him include being appointed to the board of directors, winning numerous industry awards and having several of his patents licensed by other companies. Furthermore, he played an instrumental role in one of the largest and most complex chemical licensing deals ever signed that resulted in an outstanding return on investment (ROI). Overall, he is an integral member of redefining patient care’s future.

Personal Life

David Pernock is a veteran in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries who has served on Eagle’s Board since April 2015. Prior to that he served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (2010 – 2017) of Fibrocell Science Inc.

David brings extensive healthcare sales and commercialization experience from his long tenure at GlaxoSmithKline where he held various leadership roles such as business unit development, partnership formation and brand building to Eagle. At GSK he held successively higher responsibilities during 17 years that culminated with him serving as Senior Vice President; promoted multiple times through their ranks including Vice Presidents for Pharmaceutical Marketing; Sales and Marketing Oncology and Managed Care respectively as Vice Presidents – each time receiving additional responsibilities during that time. David graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration from Arizona State University while serving numerous philanthropic organizations throughout his tenure there as Vice President.

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