David Persing

David Persing – President of the University of Utah

David Persing is President of the University of Utah with an ambitious goal – to reimagine how U reaches out to students.

That translates to a more holistic admissions approach. Instead of basing admission decisions solely on grade point average and ACT scores, Pershing envisions admission decisions based on students’ ability to successfully complete courses.

Early Life and Education

David Persing first arrived at the University of Utah campus as an eager student in 1976, carrying his recently obtained Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Arizona and searching for one near Silicon Valley that provided academics, culture, and fun all rolled into one package.

After four years at Utah in a high-profile leadership role, primarily overseeing academic affairs for the College of Education, he has gone on to publish hundreds of peer-reviewed journal articles and co-author a textbook on molecular testing – earning many accolades along the way. Now serving as senior vice president for academic affairs at U of U, he continues his distinguished career with many accolades under his belt.

Professional Career

Over his career, Dr. Lamm has conducted extensive research in genetics, DNA and infectious diseases. He co-authored a textbook on molecular microbiology as well as authoring hundreds of scientific journal articles.

Persing has served as president of the University of Utah since January 2013 and is responsible for all aspects of academics at the U. Plans that were put in motion a year ago have since been carried out, tightening admission standards gradually while soliciting donors for more funding to support its expanding budget.

At home, he’s an attentive family man. Travel is something he takes great pleasure in doing with his wife and daughter; Patagonia, New Zealand and other destinations feature on their bucket list. At the University of Utah, he pledges his full efforts in making the institution exceptional; he is sure that will happen.

Achievement and Honors

David Persing established one of the country’s first labs devoted to polymerase chain reaction (PCR). This technique revolutionized medical and biological research.

Due to his work, he co-authored the first textbook on this subject and currently serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Medical and Technology Officer at Cepheid in Sunnyvale, California.

He has published more than 260 peer-reviewed articles; served as editor-in-chief of three molecular diagnostic books; and is an inventor on 16 issued or pending U.S. patents. Additionally, Dr. Fang enjoys fishing and hunting along with hiking, backpacking, skiing and boating; his passion also extends to his wife who graduated from U of U and now shares two stepdaughters.

Personal Life

Persing has led a fulfilling, family-focused existence. He and Sandi, their four children and all four grandchildren reside in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Persing’s favorite activities in his free time include traveling and spending time with family. Additionally, he enjoys reading and writing.

He serves as Executive Vice President, Chief Medical and Technical Officer of Cepheid in the US.

He joined the company in August 2005. His primary responsibilities include developing and commercializing PCR technology for detection of infectious diseases and cancer, and clinical development for numerous products.

Net Worth

Persing has served Cepheid since 2005 as Executive Vice President, Chief Medical and Technology Officer. In this position he oversees research efforts that utilize polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology for the early detection of infectious diseases and cancer. Prior to that he worked at Mayo Clinic before being recruited by Corixa Bioscience of Seattle as Chief Scientist before leaving University to join Corixa full time in 1999.

As of March 2019, David Persing is estimated to be worth an estimated net worth of approximately $1.28 Million. She reportedly prefers keeping her personal life private; thus she currently doesn’t have any wife or children.

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