David R Looney

David R Looney

David R Looney is an Oklahoma-based real estate developer and commercial realtor. His companies, BLR Properties I, LLC and Tri-Angle Development II, LLC, were formed with his partners.

He is a member of OKCCIM and GTAR, having held leadership roles with both organizations. Estimates place his net worth at approximately $10.9 million dollars.

Early Life and Education

David Looney was raised in a small town of Eastern Oregon among humble but proud pioneers. His parents ran a general store.

He attended a two-story rural school built by his father, divided by an interior wall between each classroom for girls and boys.

After graduating, he served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam conflict.

He is immensely proud of his family, the Eastern Oregon community he grew up in, and his time at the University of Oregon. Additionally, he’s grateful for all the people he met and worked with during his career with U.S. District Court in Oregon as well as for all the opportunities to travel, learn, and develop personally.

Professional Career

David Looney is an experienced lawyer specializing in personal injury, medical malpractice and criminal defense cases. His clients have received numerous six-figure verdicts.

After spending much of his professional career working in the public sector, Looney ventured into private practice in 1982. Since then, he has earned a reputation as an effective and resourceful attorney who knows how to represent his clients effectively.

His ability to provide effective counsel has earned him a place of honor among trial lawyers in his region. A member of both the Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers and Association of Trial Lawyers of America, his expertise is in high demand.

Achievements and Honors

David Looney has accomplished a great deal throughout his life. He is an acclaimed attorney and has also worked as a law enforcement officer.

His time as a corrections officer gave him the unique chance to work with many different kinds of individuals. Some were violent, but there were also those with good hearts who wanted to do what’s right.

He then decided to pursue a career as an attorney. Today, he is an experienced lawyer with expertise in family/divorce law, personal injury litigation and estate planning/probate work.

He has earned a number of awards and honors throughout his career, such as the Emory & Henry Award and Dr. Gerald Lage Academic Achievement Award.

Personal Life

David Looney is a humble but proud man from an Eastern Oregon community. He takes great pride in his family background, his experience at the University of Oregon and current career as a federal probation officer.

He is proud of the people he worked with throughout his career. He treasured the relationships he formed with judges and colleagues such as Otto Skopil, James Burns, James Redden, Owen Panner, Ed Leavy and Anna Brown.

He takes great pleasure in his job and strives to do it well. He believes that the court and criminal justice system are better off with him involved.

Net Worth

David Looney has an estimated net worth of $10 million, which he has acquired through various financial investments.

He works as a construction manager and owns his own workshop, Chisel and Sawdust. A portion of the profits from this business are donated to charities making prosthetics for children and Ronald McDonald Houses.

He has been a professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors since 2015 and earned a total of $3 million during his career.

He was previously a member of the New York Dolls and formed his own country band. Additionally, he hosted a radio show and created soundtracks for numerous films.

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