David Ravandi

David Ravandi – Founder of 123 Organic Tequila

David Ravandi is the creator of 123 Organic Tequila, an ultra-premium range of USDA and EU organic certified organic tequilas. His passion lies in crafting spirits which express terroir, complexity and delicate floral aromas from their source agave plants.

123 Spirits’ sustainable operation spans Healdsburg, California as well as Mexico’s Amatitan and Santiago Matatlan regions, employing master artisans from these locations to craft their agave spirits from farm-to-glass. Furthermore, their bottles hand blown from recycled glass feature soy ink-printed labels depicting Mexican heritage that emphasize their environmental consciousness.

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Personal Life

David Ravandi is best known as the founder of 123 Organic Tequila and for crafting ultra-premium and lavish tequilas that have quickly become the benchmark of quality in their class. Additionally, his brand produces some of the first certified organic tequilas ever available as well as single estate mezcal that blends Oaxaca artisanal techniques with modern distilling technology – pioneering new markets through innovation in both areas.

David Ravandi of Healdsburg, California focuses his passion on the agave plant with homebase in Healdsburg. For years now he has experimented with various tequila production processes; his meticulous approach can be seen in every bottle produced. David is one of the more visible tequila enthusiasts in wine country; sponsoring events such as Sonoma Epicurean and donating generously to worthy causes.

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