David Sand

David Sand

David Sand is a professional poker player who has amassed an impressive $8 million in live winnings. Though semi-retired, his long history of online tournament play speaks for itself.

Sand, in addition to his poker career, is also an observational astronomer who studies dark matter and time domain astronomy. His main interests lie in observing the smallest galaxies in the universe.

Early Life and Education

David Sand is currently President of Care N’ Care Health Plan and has extensive experience in healthcare for over four decades. Most recently, he served as Chief Medical Officer for Anthem’s Medicare division, leading their efforts to reduce healthcare insurance costs while improving patient satisfaction. Furthermore, David played a significant role in achieving their highest regulatory audit score among all major payers recently.

One of the most rewarding parts of David Sand’s job is getting to interact with patients both in the office and on the road. His hands-on approach ensures he makes time for each and every patient, showing compassion, attentive listening skills, excellent bedside manner and professionalism when providing exceptional care.

Professional Career

David Sands is a partner and co-chair of the Firm’s Corporate Practice Group. He represents numerous companies across media, technology and entertainment industries as well as financial services providers in significant strategic and institutional transactions.

He handles a wide range of transactional matters, such as formation planning and initial capitalization; executive compensation structures; Internet/e-commerce arrangements; institutional capital transactions (public and private); strategic alliances/partnerships; mergers & acquisitions.

He is a pioneer and leader in socially responsible and impact investing. He serves on the boards of both Adirondack Foundation and AERIS – The Information Service for Community Investors. As an experienced speaker on these topics, he works closely with clients to craft impact strategies that meet their goals and objectives.

Achievements and Honors

David Sand is a renowned researcher in magnetic resonance imaging. In addition to his academic achievements, he serves as adjunct professor at both the University of Virginia and Harvard Medical School. Beyond his academic successes, he’s an active member of the local business community too – serving as SEG President emeritus, sitting on the board directors of both Society for Neuroscience and SEG’s medical education committee.

One of the Society’s primary missions is to recognize individuals and organizations whose contributions have had a lasting impact on SEG and its members. The Honors and Awards Committee takes charge of soliciting nominations from all members; please ensure you submit your nominations by 1 January for best possible outcomes.

Personal Life

David Sands’ interest in underwater exploration began at a young age. At the age of eight, he began snorkeling and by his twelfth birthday had taken pictures underwater.

After college, he pursued a career as both a diver and photographer. His father fostered his interest in the ocean by providing him with scuba gear to explore beneath the waves.

He began his career at Small Hope Lodge on Andros Island, Bahamas where he learned how to scuba dive and took pictures of underwater life. Later, he returned to New Jersey where he taught scuba diving classes at Sandy Hook Marine Laboratory.

He then pursued a legal career, eventually serving as judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Southern District of New York.

Net Worth

David Sands is widely considered to be the world’s greatest poker player. After graduating from Hamilton College, he turned professional and began earning money through tournaments.

He has earned over $2 million in tournament winnings and been rated one of the world’s top players. Additionally, he has had several cashes at the World Series of Poker.

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