David Shirey

David Shirey

David Shirey is both an entrepreneur and a Christian. He founded Shirey Consulting Services, an IT services firm.

He also serves as a pastor at a local church in Pittsburgh’s metropolitan area.

He’s renowned for his comedic skits on YouTube, which have led to success as an actor and TV personality. Discover more about this fascinating man’s life by learning more about him!

Early Life and Education

David Shirey developed an interest in reading and writing from a young age. Additionally, his studies in history and chemistry, both of which he continued to pursue throughout college, were greatly enhanced by these experiences.

After graduating from MIT, David stayed on campus and earned his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. There he led a research group that used hyperfine interactions to investigate nuclear physics, fundamental physics and metrology.

Within a few years, he had advanced from graduate student in classical physical chemistry to tenured professor at a major research university. Along the way, he made significant contributions to developing PAC and NMR methods used in nuclear physics, atomic/solid state chemistry, as well as other related fields.

Additionally, he served as President of the University of California and Chairman of MIT Corporation, his leadership helping both institutions to become world-class research universities.

Professional Career

David Shirey is a renowned sales expert who has spoken across America on confidence and how to become top performers. Additionally, his expertise covers national sales management, team building initiatives, new product introductions and media relations.

His lifelong dedication to charity includes working with dozens of organizations. Some examples include The Color Run/Rett Syndrome, Coaches vs Cancer and March of Dimes – just to name a few.

Achievement and Honors

David Shirey boasts an impressive professional and personal history. His success in sales management, team building, and introducing new products to market demonstrate his hands-on leadership style with an upbeat outlook and proven ability to make an immediate impact.

He has been actively engaged in a range of charitable endeavors and serves as pastor at several churches in Pittsburgh. Additionally, he coaches several youth baseball and soccer teams.

Personal Life

David Shirey is an author who wrote “Rare Confidence.” In it, he shares how people can gain a newfound confidence in themselves and reach their full potential. Additionally, David coaches people to succeed both personally and professionally.

David Shirey enjoys reading, writing and playing music in his free time.

He also owns a collection of railroad engines and cars, which are kept in his home on Geigertown Road in Pottstown.

Dave and Shirley served as Salvation Army missionaries in India for nine years before Shirley succumbed to cancer. Throughout their nine year journey, they made many difficult sacrifices but never let it stop them; it was an incredibly busy yet fulfilling period of their lives.

Net Worth

David Shirey is an acclaimed online vlogger who has amassed a large following across social media platforms. His two YouTube channels boast combined subscribers of more than 13 million.

He derives his income from selling merchandise, paid advertising and video ads on his YouTube channel. However, the majority of his income comes from selling Yeezy sneakers.

In 2015, when he first began uploading videos onto his YouTube channel, it took some time for him to build up a subscriber base. Once his videos gained some traction, they started going viral.

He and his brothers developed an unbreakable bond throughout childhood. Their parents weren’t wealthy, so they had to work hard to provide for their family.

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