David Stang

David Stang

David Tang, despite being an expert book dealer, is also an enthusiastic outdoorsman. He enjoys hiking, running and biking the trails of DuPage County Forest Preserve District whenever time allows.

Sister Dorothy’s voice continues to be heard through his work with international journalists. He is passionate about sharing her story with the world.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood is an incredibly important period in a child’s development both socially and cognitively. During this period, their brains grow faster than at any other time during their lives.

During this stage of their development, children learn through experience and observation rather than formal instruction. Therefore, providing them with optimal environments and stimulation is critical for their health, well-being, and development.

David Tang was born in Hong Kong and achieved many notable successes throughout his life. He was an entrepreneur, philanthropist and impresario who founded the luxury fashion label Shanghai Tang.

Professional Career

David Tang has been an integral member of the legal community since graduating from law school. His practice areas encompass a broad range of legal areas, and he is widely recognized as a top lawyer in several fields such as general corporate and commercial law, foreign direct investment law and cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

His clients appreciate his focus, preparation and passion for problem-solving. He is renowned for his ability to accurately assess a client’s situation and craft an effective legal strategy that benefits them.

No matter the court or arbitrator he’s dealing with, he always strives to give his clients the highest quality service. His extensive background in litigation, arbitration and other proceedings gives him a great advantage.

Achievements and Honors

David Stang, a professor of organic chemistry and former president of the National Academy of Sciences, is considered one of the greatest minds in his field. He has earned widespread acclaim for creating compounds that could shrink tumors and detect explosives.

He received two esteemed National Institutes of Health fellowships, earning him recognition from his peers and colleagues around the world. Furthermore, he has earned numerous awards, including NIH’s highest award – the Gold Medal for Research Excellence.

He is also the proud brother of Sister Dorothy Stang, known as “Angel of the Amazon”, who was tragically murdered in 2005 for her efforts to safeguard Brazil’s rural population from loggers and ranchers. Her case for canonization as a saint is gathering momentum within the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

Personal Life

Sir David Tang is a Hong Kong businessman and socialite with connections around the globe. In addition to his many accomplishments, Sir David is an acclaimed pianist, art dealer, and passionate supporter of the NHS.

He often expressed patriotic sentiments toward China — even joked about launching another Taiping or Boxer Rebellion if China returned to imperialism — yet revered British tradition as well. He was an uncommon Asian who seemed at home on both sides of the East-West divide.

No surprise then that he had become a successful businessman, managing an array of ventures such as oil exploration in China, gold mining in Africa and Australia, plus his franchise for Cuban cigars for Canada and Asia. Eventually he founded China Tang at London’s Dorchester hotel – an A-list restaurant beloved by celebrities and aristocrats alike.

Net Worth

David Tang has had a thriving entrepreneurial career and his net worth is estimated to be $5 Million. As an accomplished businessperson, David also enjoys an immense fan base on Vine.

A new book has exposed Sir David’s finances and spending habits. As a tycoon, much of Sir David’s wealth had been lavished upon himself with an extravagant lifestyle and gambling addiction.

James Cluff’s book details Sir David’s extravagant spending and gambling habits that ultimately caused his financial collapse. Additionally, he spent millions on a liver transplant in China which only compounded his issues due to medical bills.

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