David Stiles

David Stiles

David and Jeanie Stiles are renowned authors of a series of how-to books on backyard building projects. Their 25 books have sold in excess of one million copies worldwide.

Palmetto Loft Associates, LLC and Norman Solomon (collectively, Palmetto) engaged Stiles to assist them with the sale of a commercial property located in Cathedral City, California. After agreeing on a sales price, both parties closed on the deal.

Early Life and Education

David Stiles was born and raised in New York State. After attending several universities and medical schools, he pursued a career in healthcare management, eventually working for several different companies.

He served in the US Army. In his free time, he wrote fiction and poetry.

For two decades, historians of the early modern world have studied and documented the practices, principles, and ideologies of what is known as “The Republic of Letters,” an intellectual community created through paper rather than geography. Few have dared to question America’s place within this scholarly republic, however.

Professional Career

David Stiles, III is a Houston-based attorney specializing in Estate Planning & Probate law. A member of the American Bar Association, he was recently selected to Super Lawyers for 2023.

He is a nationally-recognized expert in Estate & Trust litigation, representing clients throughout Texas. As such, he has received numerous awards for his professional accomplishments.

He has starred in several films, such as Freak Show (2006) and Arrested Development (2005-present). Additionally, he co-created, wrote, and executive produced the HBO sketch comedy series Mr. Show with Bob Odenkirk, did voice work for Alvin and the Chipmunks film franchise, portraying Ian Hawke in each of its first three live-action/CGI Alvin and Chipmunks movies, performed stand-up comedy at various venues, and appeared on television shows.

Achievements and Honors

David Stiles has a distinguished history of public service and philanthropy. As founder of the Stiles-Nicholson Foundation, which promotes an understanding and appreciation for our free enterprise system through local and national educational initiatives, David continues to make significant contributions.

He serves on the board of directors for both the Institute for Business and Ethics, as well as Junior Achievement. In addition, he holds board memberships in several nonprofit organizations such as Jupiter Medical Center Foundation and Washington-based Tax Foundation.

Stiles was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree by Northwood University in 2004 for his efforts in support of free enterprise. He has also been named a Fellow by both the Society for Human Resource Management and American Council on Education, served as past president of Association for Financial Professionals, and is an honorary lifetime member of Associated Church Press.

Personal Life

David Stiles’ personal life revolved around his family. He was an adoring husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, and brother to many.

He loved fishing, hunting, kite flying and camping with his family. Additionally, he was a proud member of the Society for Conservation Biology (SCA).

Furthermore, he was an avid reader and loved learning about the world around him. A self-educated man, he had great memory – recalling names of people and places with ease.

Stiles is the author of numerous how-to books on woodworking projects, such as tree houses and playhouses. He has won multiple awards for his work. Additionally, he and his wife Jeanie have sold over one million copies of their books; their articles have appeared in countless magazines and newspapers worldwide.

Net Worth

David Stiles is a commercial banker and investment manager with more than 25 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions, debt/equity financing, securitizations, risk management, portfolio management, turnarounds & restructurings valuations warehouse financing credit evaluation loan servicing investor relations.

He holds directorships at Qualcomm Inc and Choice Hotels International Inc, as well as owning five other companies. According to SEC filings, Stiles has a net worth of over $5 Million.

David Stiles moved from New Jersey to Kentucky at 49 years old, when he wrote a letter to his wife Elizabeth Kitchel that expressed his desire “to leave behind the poor deplorable soil of New Jersey in search of a promised land in Kentucky.”

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