David Swinghamer

David Swinghamer

David Swinghamer is a Senior Advisor of Stripes Group and has held several executive roles within the restaurant industry. Currently he sits on the board of Snooze, one of Stripes Group’s portfolio companies.

Before joining Stripes, David held positions of Chief Development Officer and CRO at Shake Shack as well as President of Growth Businesses with Union Square Hospitality Group. Additionally, he served as Vice President and Partner in Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises.

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Professional Career

David Swinghamer is one of the most recognized figures in food and beverage. As founding partner of Union Square Hospitality Group – a conglomerate that owns multiple iconic brand names including Shake Shack and Blue Smoke -, his name can be seen everywhere you turn in this industry.

Stripes is a cutting-edge enterprise located in New York City that combines technology, personal service and rapid expansion. David is an incredibly successful businessman with more than two decades of experience working in restaurant and hospitality industries. Additionally, in addition to his role at Stripes he serves on multiple boards for various companies as an active investor/board member, and regularly gives back through charitable contributions in local communities. With such an impressive professional background he still finds time for family and friends.

Personal Life

David Swinghamer is an esteemed foodie and restaurant investor. As CEO of Shake Shack and numerous business interests, he holds several senior advisory roles at Stripes Group; an investment firm focused on Software & Consumer investments globally.

Swinghamer was one of the founding partners of Union Square Hospitality Group and was responsible for building and expanding their restaurants. Prior to this role, he spent 11 years with Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises in Chicago; also, as a board member at Stripes portfolio companies Snooze and Hai Hospitality (Uchi, Uchiko and Loro). When not at work or traveling the globe – Swinghamer can often be found enjoying watching all forms of sports while travelling abroad with his wife and son residing currently living New York City as part of USHG family life.

Net Worth

David Swinghamer boasts a net worth of $19.1 million. Currently serving as senior advisor and board member at Stripes Group, prior to this he worked at Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG) where he played an instrumental role in expanding Shake Shack to become an iconic global brand. Furthermore, David was partner at Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises; an established Chicago multi-concept restaurant company; let alone serving on boards such as Uchiko Corner Bakery & Hattie B’s Hot Chicken; In his free time you can find David watching sports or traveling worldwide to experience new cuisines – something most restaurant managers just cannot do!

Since 2015, he has completed 16 transactions totaling 65,400 units on 22 February 2016, representing an average daily trading volume of 30,344 units.

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