David Swinghammer

David Swinghammer

David Swinghammer is an award-winning musician, painter, and graphic designer who has 13 albums of original music released with Canada Council Art Bank as a permanent collection.

He currently holds the position of Senior Advisor with Stripes Group, an investment firm focused on consumer restaurant and food industries, as well as board member for one of their portfolio companies: Snooze.

Early Life and Education

Swinghammer was raised in Niagara Falls, Canada, where he began exhibiting watercolour paintings at local galleries and regional outdoor exhibitions. Later he studied art at Toronto’s Ontario College of Art and Design where he earned several awards.

As soon as he settled permanently in Toronto during the mid-80s, he quickly established himself in its vibrant Queen Street West scene through club murals, album cover designs and T-shirt layouts, art direction of music videos by Shuffle Demons (Out of My House Roach) and Let Your Backbone Slide and Drop The Needle by pioneering Canadian rapper Maestro Fresh Wes (which won him Juno and Much Music Awards). Today his paintings can be seen at INabstracto in Toronto as well as True North Gallery in Waterdown where they form part of Canada Council Art Bank’s permanent collection.

Professional Career

At the firm, he has become an expert in technology law and mergers and acquisitions, representing numerous high-profile clients including major media conglomerates, national banks and several regional food and beverage firms. One of his many accolades was winning Client of the Year honors; but what is truly fulfilling about his job is providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to help navigate growing businesses successfully.

Achievement and Honors

Swinghammer has garnered several honors, such as being honored as Now Magazine’s Reader’s Poll as Best Local Guitarist and receiving numerous awards for his artistry and design work.

At the musical level, he has performed alongside Ani DiFranco, Peter Murphy (Bauhaus), Serena Ryder and Sarah Slean – as well as writing music for several film and TV projects including Friends, Lovers & Lunatics.

Michael Phillip Wojewoda has released several album-length cassettes and his canvases have been shown at several prestigious gallery exhibitions, with his most impressive show paying homage to art deco featuring 35 vintage electronic instruments like Ondes Martenots, Novachords and Raymond Scott Clavivoxs designed and engineered by him himself.

Personal Life

Swinghammer is a multidisciplinary artist working as both a painter and musician. His paintings have been shown at INabstracto Gallery in Toronto as well as True North Gallery in Waterdown, Ontario.

He has designed album covers for The Shuffle Demons, African Guitar Summit and Don Ross; as well as art directing groundbreaking videos for pioneering rapper Maestro Fresh Wes.

Swinghammer has traveled widely as a guitarist. He has performed with artists such as Ani DiFranco, Serena Ryder, Royal Wood, Dragonette and Sarah Slean from Dragonette as well as Rheostatics – among many others – as well as being hired as house band guitarist for various benefits and variety shows.

Net Worth

David Swinghammer is a Canadian artist, illustrator and designer. He has designed album covers for artists including the Shuffle Demons, African Guitar Summit and Don Ross as well as children’s entertainers Sho, Mo and the Monkey Bunch. Additionally he created performing wardrobe for The Nylons a cappella quartet and Flying Dutchmen jugglers while set designs were developed for theater director William Scoular’s performances at his theatre company. Swinghammer currently exhibits his paintings at INabstracto Gallery in Toronto while True North Gallery Waterdown Ontario

Swinghammer has performed alongside various bands at many benefits and variety shows, serving as house guitarist at various venues. Additionally, he has written music for multiple artists as well as producing it for films and TV.

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