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David Thompson – A History of Basketball and the ABA

During his career, David Thompson has been a star in the NBA. But he also spent time in the college and legal arenas, too. He has even been married and has a family.

Career highlights

During David Thompson’s career, he made a huge impression on the basketball world. He was a true all-around player, bringing a newfound athleticism to the guard position. He was also a key player on the Denver Nuggets’ rise to the top of the league.

He was also a great scorer and had a knack for putting the ball in the basket. He played for NC State during his college career, but he went on to make an impact in the NBA.

The Denver Nuggets had a number of great players. They had the best record in the league, and they had a world class defender in Bobby Jones. Besides Jones, they had an All-Star center in Dan Issel, and a Hall of Fame guard in Norm Sloan.

During the first round of the playoffs, Thompson and the Nuggets beat the Kentucky Colonels in seven games. Thompson was very effective during the series. He had a great night in game 6 with 23 points and 4 rebounds.

College career

During his nine year career, David Thompson played in the NBA and ABA. He is a member of the Hall of Fame, and received the MVP award from his team. His most memorable moment was the moment of truth, when he led the Denver Nuggets to the conference finals. He was also named the ABA Rookie of the Year in 1975-76. He was the first player to score a hat trick in a regular season game.

A brief look at his career proves he was the first player to win the MVP award twice in his career. Thompson was also the first player to win a hat trick in a conference finals. In his prime, he averaged more than 21 points per game. Thompson was the best on-court performer during his college years, and led the Wolfpack to the NCAA crown in 1974.

NBA career

During his career, Thompson played in the NBA for nine seasons. He also played in the ABA for the Denver Nuggets and Seattle SuperSonics. He earned the All-Star Game MVP awards for both leagues. He was named to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1996.

In college, Thompson teamed with Bill Walton to lead the Wolfpack to the NCAA championship in 1974. He was named ACC Player of the Year in 1973, and was USBWA first-team All-American that year. He also led the ACC in rebounding in 1972 and ’73. He was a member of the 1972 United States Olympic team. He was awarded the NCAA’s Naismith Award in 1975, and he was named AP National Player of the Year in 1974.

Thompson led North Carolina State to an undefeated season in 1973. He was also named to the ACC’s All-Star team in both the regular season and the ACC Tournament. He averaged 22.8 points and 15.4 rebounds per game, and scored 73 points in an NBA game.

Family life

During the 19th century, David Thompson was a renowned geographer, explorer, and surveyor. His legacy includes detailed field notebooks, maps of western North America, and sheets of watercolors.

David Thompson was born in London, England, on April 30, 1770. His father died when he was two. He spent his childhood in a house without indoor plumbing. At age 14, he enrolled in an apprenticeship program with the Hudson’s Bay Company. He was sent to Fort Churchill.

David Thompson worked as a scout and surveyor in Canada in the 1780s. He completed the first official survey of the length of the Columbia River. He also spent winters with the Peigan Indians in the Rocky Mountain foothills. He was also hired by the government to survey waterways in the 1837. He was a naturalist and entrepreneur who developed a respect for local people.

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