David Weekley

David Weekley – One of the Largest Privately Owned Home Builders

David Weekley is one of America’s largest privately owned builders, headquartered in Houston. His company has constructed homes across 19 cities and 12 states.

Dave makes time for charitable works despite his hectic schedule, giving half his time and income away to organizations. That is how he lives out the Purpose: Fostering Dreams, Improving Lives.

Early Life and Education

David Weekley was raised in a family of givers. His father taught Sunday school and raised three sons who were deeply engaged in their community.

David Weekley earned degrees in Economics and Geology from San Antonio’s Trinity University, then founded David Weekley Homes in 1976 that has grown into a company that has sold more than 100,000 new homes and expanded operations into 19 cities nationwide.

The home builder has been recognized 16 times by FORTUNE Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For,” earning them a reputation for their progressive management methods and CARE program that connects team members, homeowners and homebuyers with local nonprofits to make their communities better places to live.

Professional Career

David Weekley Homes, founded in 1976 by David Weekley himself, is one of the largest privately held home builders in America. With his company now operating in 19 cities across America, he has completed more than 100,000 homes since 1976.

In addition to creating exceptional homes, the builder places great emphasis on customer satisfaction and community involvement. It has been recognized 15 times by FORTUNE magazine as one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For”, for its leadership capabilities as well as longstanding charitable endeavors.

The company employs a progressive management philosophy that puts people at the core of its operations. Its structure allows general managers to oversee every aspect of the business, such as sales, construction, warranty services and more – creating an atmosphere in which “doing the right thing” comes first. This helps foster an environment where doing what’s right is paramount over all else.

Achievement and Honors

Weekley Homes’ success in the home building industry can be attributed to his progressive management methods that place people at the core of everything they do. As a result, David Weekley Homes has been named to Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” an impressive 16 times.

Weekley has earned numerous accolades for his leadership skills and community outreach activities, including Builder magazine’s “Hearthstone Builder Lifetime Public Service Award” as well as winning multiple National Housing Quality Awards.

David Weekley Homes recognized field and manufacturing partners that consistently meet world-class standards with its annual “National Preferred Partner Survey.” Each company’s numeric scores were averaged and an alpha ranking – from “A” to “F” – was assigned that relates the score to all national partners.

Personal Life

David Weekley is the founder of one of America’s largest home builders. At 23, he began his company and has since earned acclaim for its progressive management practices, dedication to customer service and award-winning innovation.

He holds degrees in Economics and Geology from San Antonio’s Trinity University, is married to Bonnie, and resides with his family in Houston, Texas.

David Weekley Homes CEO also serves as chairman of the family foundation. A passionate philanthropist, he is renowned for his leadership abilities and numerous community outreach projects.

Net Worth

David Weekley is the founder, Chairman and CEO of David Weekley Homes, one of America’s largest home builders. With more than 100,000 homes sold and numerous awards under their belt, their company continues to excel.

He is an ardent philanthropist, dedicating 50% of his net worth to charity. Through the years, he has given away millions to various causes in accordance with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s “giving while living” model.

He has been in business for four decades and has built an exemplary company and foundation. Together with his wife Bonnie, he plans to donate most of his fortune before he passes away.

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