David Wintermyer

David Wintermyer – A Lifelong Lover and Respected Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

David Wintermyer was a beloved and esteemed member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, whose ministry had an immense impact on many lives.

Neighbors in Springettsbury Township, Pennsylvania were shocked when they learned of Wintermyer’s passing outside his house on June 10th 2012. He was remembered as a kind and well-liked man who enjoyed dogs and playing football.

Early Life and Education

He was raised as a Christian by Salvation Army officers, and began playing cornet at the age of eight. Soon after, his passion for music developed into something deeper – he wrote his first worship song at twelve years old.

He later relocated to Brighton and began teaching music. There he created an impressive music department with an esteemed orchestra, choir and various ensembles. As a composer who could blend classical, jazz and rock genres seamlessly, he quickly gained notoriety for his innovative compositions.

Dave served on the church leadership of CCK (Clarendon Church of Christ the King) in Brighton, England where he inspired a generation of Christian musicians to write and lead worship in an inspiring spiritual environment. His ministry continues today in local and international churches with his wife Rosie accompanying him.

Professional Career

David Wintermyer was a former All-American and All-Mountain West Conference linebacker for the University of Nevada, renowned for his playmaking ability and devotion to the game. Throughout his career, Wintermyer amassed more than 150 tackles as well as other impressive statistics. Additionally, Wintermyer became the first person to win the Mountain West Defensive Player of the Year award.

Wintermyer was one of a few college football players to earn an NFL contract, though his opportunity did not last long. Nonetheless, the university recognized his accomplishments by awarding him with an honorary degree in May 2014. Additionally, he was named to the team’s honor roll. Despite having such a full schedule, Wintermyer still managed to find time for mentoring the incoming freshman class.

Achievements and Honors

David Wintermyer was an esteemed member of the Marine Corps and earned himself numerous accolades for his service to country. Over 17 years, he held various positions such as Field Artillery Cannoneer and Drill Instructor. His accomplishments are truly impressive – some of which are highlighted here.

He was an accomplished student athlete, devoted family man and an admirable humanitarian. Above all else, however, it should be remembered that he was a truly kind individual who enjoyed spending time with friends and colleagues. It may have come as a shock that he passed away suddenly at 47 years old; a day filled with sadness for both him and those close to him.

Personal Life

David Wintermyer lived in a peaceful neighborhood of York County, Pennsylvania. He took pleasure in its serenity and was immensely proud of his community.

He enjoyed good relations with his neighbors and did his best to ensure they were contented. A friendly individual who enjoyed watching football, he had a warm personality.

However, his neighbors also commented on his tendency for aggression and being somewhat of a bully.

Months before his passing, Dave and Spencer Newcomer IV had been engaged in an ongoing dispute over their property. At the heart of it all was a dilapidated, termite-infested shed located in Newcomer’s backyard that other neighbors had complained about.

They also had disagreements over the dogs Newcomer kept on his lawn. Finally, on June 10, 2012, David Wintermyer was shot to death in his sleep.

Net Worth

David Wintermyer is an 87-year-old American businessman and real estate investor with an estimated net worth of $35-49K. This wealth is likely the result of his successful career as both a developer and investor, plus the fact that he has built up an excellent reputation within the industry that makes him well known across America. He resides in Springettsbury Township, Pennsylvania; married with no children; born in December 1925.

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