David Witzling

David Witzling

David Witzling is an inter-disciplinary artist and educator specializing in filmmaking, poetry, scholarship, independent publishing and permaculture. His work has been showcased at local, national and international exhibitions.

His class is challenging, with plenty of reading, essays and tests. But he genuinely cares about you and encourages you to think critically.

Early Life and Education

David witzling was born in 1979 and holds an MFA in film from UW-Milwaukee. He currently teaches there while also engaging in various projects such as video work, poetry, and scholarship. Additionally, David is active within the Milwaukee arts scene with shows at local, national, and international venues.

Witzling is an inspiring professor who strives for his students’ success. He’s accessible outside class and gives extensive feedback on papers. If you’re willing to put in effort, he makes for a great teacher. To graduate, students must read approximately five books, compose several papers, take a midterm and final examination – making him an ideal professor for anyone wanting to hone their reading and writing skills.

Achievements and Honors

David Witzling is an acclaimed urban planner and former professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM). Not only is he an award-winning planner, but also an acclaimed designer whose talents have been applied to numerous successful urban projects across America.

The American Planning Association honored Witzling with their 2017 National Excellence Award for Planning Pioneers, honoring him for his significant impact and contribution to the field. As a trusted steward of quality development, he was instrumental in designing landmark projects such as National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center and Denny Regrade neighborhood of Seattle. Additionally, his role in shaping Milwaukee’s urban design landscape over four decades includes landmarks like O’Donnell Park and Discovery World.

Personal Life

David Witzling is an inter-disciplinary artist working in the fields of filmmaking, teaching, poetry, scholarship and independent publishing. He currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and lectures at UW-Milwaukee; furthermore his work has been showcased locally, nationally and internationally at various venues.

He is an incredibly passionate and inspiring teacher. He encourages his students to think critically while discussing taboo topics in most classes. If you ask for extensive feedback on papers, he provides it; additionally, he’s accessible outside of class for meetings. Unfortunately, his literature course was one of the worst I’ve taken; it requires reading 5 books as well as crafting multiple essays and poems. If you have the time, take this class; otherwise, don’t bother.

Net Worth

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