David Woodburn

David Woodburn is an Actor and Estate Planning Attorney

David Woodburn is a Cleveland-based estate planning attorney that specializes in helping his clients create secure financial estates through trusts, wills and powers of attorney.

David Woodburn enjoys spending time with his family when he’s not working. He has two children and a wife, plus he volunteers at the local Jewish community center teaching children about the Holocaust.

Early Life and Education

Early in life, children form a solid foundation for social, emotional and cognitive development. The experiences they encounter during this period will shape who they become throughout the rest of their lives.

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Professional Career

David Woodburn is an experienced lawyer with more than two decades of experience. He specializes in various areas, such as real estate law.

He specializes in estate planning, probate and asset protection, helping clients create strategies to minimize tax exposure and preserve wealth for heirs. Furthermore, he handles a range of probate litigation and inheritance controversies such as will contests, trust challenges, undue influence claims and breach of fiduciary duty claims.

Woodburn’s passion for teaching has allowed him to motivate his students to step outside their comfort zones. For instance, he inspired fifth graders to discover whale blubber – a fatty substance found in the skin and bones of whales.

Achievements and Honors

David Woodburn is an accomplished actor who has starred on multiple TV shows. Additionally, his work has earned him multiple accolades.

He has achieved great professional success and demonstrated outstanding community service. A well-known figure within Amarillo, he has made numerous significant contributions to its growth.

He serves on the Amarillo College Board of Trustees and chairs several committees, such as that for the Amarillo Medical Center Foundation. Additionally, he was an officer in the Amarillo High School Band for three years. Furthermore, he supports local public schools and their football program enthusiastically; furthering his involvement through memberships in Rotary Club and American Legion groups, along with United Way and other philanthropic organizations.

Personal Life

David Woodburn is a highly accomplished lawyer with expertise in trust and estates law. He takes great pleasure in assisting his clients to construct secure financial estates that last.

He is also involved in his community. He served as past president of Habitat for Humanity of Summit County and currently sits on the board of Rockynol Retirement Community.

He encourages students to read and discuss biographies of renowned individuals in his classroom, such as Nelson Mandela’s biography or Amelia Earhart’s.

He has also fostered a pen pal relationship with an Alaskan fifth-grade teacher, which they often meet via FaceTime. Furthermore, he organized the visit of a local Holocaust survivor for comfort and understanding. Truly an exceptional gentleman and kindhearted soul, Mr. Johnson exudes kindness from every pore.

Net Worth

David Woodburn is an American actor and comedian with a net worth of $2 million.

He has starred in multiple television shows, such as Seinfeld, Conan and Special Unit 2. His most renowned roles include Mickey Abbott on Seinfeld and Otli on Conan the Adventurer.

Furthermore, he has guest starring roles on Passions and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Woodburn not only has an acting background, but he also has an impressive business and finance background. Through Chromatin’s growth from contract R&D agriculture company to a multinational breeder and marketer of hybrid sorghum seed, his expertise is unrivaled.

He has served as co-anchor of ABC News magazine 20/20 since 2003.

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