David Woodrum

David Woodrum – A Radiologist

David Woodrum is a Rochester, Minnesota radiologist affiliated with Mayo Clinic Hospital – Rochester and has been practicing for 16 years.

He specializes in both vascular & interventional radiology and diagnostic radiology, and percutaneous MR imaging-guided laser ablation to treat symptomatic cervicofacial vascular disease.

Early Life and Education

David Woodrum hails from Bluefield, West Virginia where he attended Bluefield High School before earning a Bachelor of Business Administration at Bluefield State University.

She is a board-certified radiologist serving Rochester, Minnesota patients affiliated with Mayo Clinic and specializing in diagnostic radiology as well as vascular & interventional radiology. Some of his clinical interests include MRI imaging (body), cryotherapy and radiofrequency ablation (RF).

Professional Career

David Woodrum is a board-certified radiologist serving the Rochester community of Minnesota. His expertise includes diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology and radiation oncology.

He is affiliated with Mayo Clinic in Rochester, a premier academic health center. He specializes in interventional and body MRI scans as well as cryo- and RF ablation procedures.

David Woodrum earned his medical degree and Ph.D. in Cellular Biology from Medical College of Georgia before completing residency and fellowship training in interventional radiology at Mayo Clinic. An active member of both American College of Radiology and Society for Interventional Radiology, he has published research in several journals as part of his membership duties at these organizations; additionally, he belongs to American Cancer Society; being a survivor himself of breast and colon cancers himself.

Achievement and Honors

David Woodrum has achieved much in his professional life. As an assistant professor of interventional radiology at Mayo Clinic Rochester in Minnesota and having completed clinical residency and fellowship at that facility as well as receiving additional MR imaging training at Northwestern University and Johns Hopkins Universities. He holds numerous accolades to his name.

Woodrum, Inc. is a national acute and ambulatory care management and consulting company and frequently presents at health care conferences. He has over 50 years of experience in financial management and taxation as a member of several boards of companies; additionally he is known for writing books and articles such as his bestseller on ultrasound technology (Achieve Better Results with Ultrasound Machine). Furthermore, Woodrum is currently running for West Virginia Senator in District 10.

Personal Life

David Woodrum was an extraordinary husband, father, son, brother and friend. He proudly served his nation while remaining selflessly committed to his family. David will be deeply missed by his loved ones as well as co-workers.

He is a certified Interventional and Diagnostic Radiology specialist located in Rochester, MN and also holds memberships in both the American Society of Radiologists and American College of Radiology.

He currently works as an Assistant Professor at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and holds a masters in Cellular Biology as well as being an expert on Oncology treatments and MR interventions. A regular presenter at health care conferences, as well as author of published articles. Since 2005 he has been practicing and is married with three children.

Net Worth

David Woodrum possesses an estimated net worth of $284,800 as of 14 June 2022 and owns approximately 100,000 shares in Barnwell Industries stock.

Clayton owns 5,000 shares of Ardagh Group SA stock, valued at $123,750, as well as one trade of Ring Inc (REI) stock since 2017.

As well as practicing radiology, David Woodrum also serves as head coach of Bluefield State University’s men’s golf team. Since taking on this position just two years ago, his Big Blues have already won one USCAA national championship (2021) and placed third this year (2019). With six seniors having graduated this year alone and Woodrum hopeful of building an outstanding foundation for future years ahead, please share his story by sharing this page link! If you admire this sports figure please help support his cause by sharing his cause by spreading word! If you appreciate what he is doing please help spread his cause by sharing this page link among your social circles!

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