David Worlock

David Worlock

David Worlock is renowned as an esteemed YouTube vlogger who has amassed millions of subscribers and over 2 billion views since starting out his career on Vine. Later he made the move over to YouTube where his popularity continues to soar.

Initialy, David did not have many friends or followers but soon gained them all quickly. Additionally, he formed a close bond with Liza Koshy who was an emerging vlogger.

Early Life and Education

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He believed these experiences would leave an indelible mark on their future development and outcomes.

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Professional Career

David has worked across various fields, from law and business to the arts. Currently he practices civil trial law.

He has an extensive amount of experience representing clients in cases relating to personal injury, construction defects and insurance defense.

He has an undying passion for helping clients solve problems. He strongly believes that when all angles and options are considered, solutions to any problem are possible.

Achievement and Honors

David is an experienced corporate manager, known for his long list of achievements as both an esteemed financial analyst and entrepreneur. He authored a book on raising capital for startups as well as many business publications.

He enjoyed fishing and golfing as hobbies; cribbage and 500 Rummy were two of his passions; he was an ardent father to Summer (Shaun), Ceason, and Brent; an equally proud husband to Diane. David found great pleasure traveling the globe; making lasting friendships along the way; his legacy will certainly be missed; The Bishop Dwenger Alumnus of the Year Award will serve as an appropriate tribute.

Personal Life

David Worlock is an American television host and news anchor who was born in Syracuse, New York.

YouTube star Brandon Lee has amassed an extensive following with his videos of celebrities, hidden cameras and challenges posted frequently to his channel. Most recently he joined America’s Most Musical Family competition hosted on Nickelodeon as an official judge.

He is widely revered for his sense of humor and commitment to maintaining a drama-free personal life.

Net Worth

David Worlock is one of the world’s most-followed social media celebrities with significant followings on YouTube, TikTok and Twitter.

He currently generates $15 Million each year thanks to his social media following and merchandise sales.

Dobrik boasts two YouTube channels with over 13 million combined subscribers, and co-founded an app for photo sharing Dispo.

Dobrik currently resides in Studio City, Los Angeles in a Mediterranean-style house which cost him approximately $2.5 million.

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