David Wyle

David Wyle

David Wyle is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and an expert in taxation. He advises individuals and businesses on tax matters as well as business decisions; additionally he is an affiliate member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

He founded SurePrep, a leading US provider of tax productivity solutions to accounting firms. Thomson Reuters acquired SurePrep for $500 million in November 2022.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

David Wyle is the CEO of SurePrep, a provider of tax productivity solutions. As a certified public accountant (CPA), his credentials include at least an undergraduate degree verified by their state board of accountancy as well as passing an intensive national exam.

David and his team of taxation experts understood the power of technology when it came to tax preparation, taking full advantage of cutting-edge software and hardware such as SurePrep’s state-of-the-art data processing center in India with its data capture system which recognizes and classifies hundreds of documents simultaneously; along with cutting edge cloud storage to protect its ever growing library. For their efforts, SurePrep was awarded one of several top awards as one of the top tax software programs.

Achievement and Honors

David has earned much praise throughout his career. As an influential businessperson in Cedar Hill and beyond, he has made major contributions.

Most notable of all is his longstanding dedication to improving the lives and well-being of Cedar Hill citizens and their families, evidenced by his many volunteer activities with organizations like Cedar Hill Economic Development Corporation and Cedar Hill Education Foundation.

As recognition for his enduring contributions, the City has awarded him with its esteemed Distinctive Character Lifetime Achievement Award. Mayor Rob Franke presented him with this prestigious distinction at Cedar Hill Government Center during a formal ceremony where numerous awards and recognitions were bestowed upon him, such as an exquisite framed art piece. To commemorate this special momentous event a luxurious dinner was also served on this momentous evening.

Personal Life

David was widely known for being a remarkable friend and family member, providing guidance and support to many who were struggling with mental health issues.

He and his wife took great pleasure in spending time with their daughters who are both now in their 20s.

He was also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), licensed to practice accounting by the state board, holding an undergraduate degree verified by them and passing both national and state exams to become a CPA. Lastly, he worked as an accountant within California’s borders.

Net Worth

Wyle has been active in the entertainment industry for over 25 years. He has appeared in various theatre productions and television series.

He became an international superstar during the 90s as Dr. John Carter in ER’s fifteen season run, earning millions for his appearances on screen.

Since his departure from ER, Wyle has gone on to appear in several theater productions and television series; in addition, he directed multiple episodes for both The Librarians and Leverage: Redemption.

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