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Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes Are Engaged!

The couple who made it through the season of Bachelor in Paradise is back in the news, as Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert are engaged! While the two are currently living in Las Vegas, they’re set to relocate to Los Angeles in April of 2021. They purchased a house in Summerlin, a neighborhood near the Red Rock Casino Resort.

The couple grew close to each other while they were filming the show. Although they broke up before leaving the island, they reunited again in the weeks following the program. During the season, the pair traveled the world together. After a few months, they finally decided to settle down in a house. This appears to be their final stop, though they are not necessarily ready to get married yet. Nevertheless, they still love to travel and have no plans to put kids into the mix.

According to reports, the couple has been dating for about three years. During that time, they’ve stayed in a van. However, they moved in together before buying a home in Las Vegas. Several outlets have confirmed their engagement. A few members of the Bachelor Nation are expected to attend their wedding.

Before they started living in a house, they rented an apartment in Los Angeles. Their new house is still in construction, but they hope to move into it by the end of April. Hopefully, they will find a quiet, quaint place to settle down. One reason the pair chose to move to Nevada was because it’s close to Caelynn’s family. Another reason they chose to live in Nevada is because it’s a state that allows marriage. Despite this, they are “hot and cold” about having kids in the future.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the two revealed that they’ve been wearing commitment rings for six months. But they never really confirmed whether they were engaged. That was until Tuesday, when they announced their engagement. If they are actually engaged, they will have an engagement party later this year.

Besides being engaged, the pair has another exciting news: they will soon be moving into their own house. Previously, they shared a tiny, mobile home in Las Vegas. Now, the couple plans to buy a house in Summerlin, near the Red Rock Casino Resort. Not only will the house be their home, it’s also the base of the Bachelor franchise. Eventually, they hope to move to Denver, Colo.

After they were engaged, the couple told fans they were “hot and cold” about children. Caelynn said she’d love to have kids in the future, but it wasn’t the most important thing for her. She also said she’s not too concerned about wedding planning. Instead, she wants to spend time with her fiancé.

Currently, Caelynn and Dean are focusing less on wedding planning and more on settling down. The couple is looking to get married next fall. Having a house of their own will allow them to have a home base while they travel.

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