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Jack – A Denver Jacks Alumnus

Jack holds great admiration for journalists’ dedication, seeing it as an essential means of informing citizens about their community and world. Additionally, he enjoys sports and cinema.

Jack not only represents landowners but is also familiar with representing utilities against municipalization or condemnation efforts, including energy companies in eminent domain matters.

Early Life and Education

Jack was raised in a family that valued education, believing anyone could achieve their dreams with hard work and determination. On advice from his mother, Jack decided to pursue a college education.

Jack used his undergraduate years to make change and improve lives of others. He became a Peer Advocate Leader and served on the student newspaper; additionally he took advantage of an opportunity to increase college access for those from underserved backgrounds.

Existing programs in the US vary significantly in their ability to positively affect early-life conditions, with some policies-such as WIC, home visiting with nurse practitioners, and high-quality center-based early childhood education-prove effective while other strategies-such as prenatal care or family leave have less promising evidence of change.

Professional Career

Jack brings decades of experience to live music production and event management, founding Denver-based live@jacks as an event venue and production company that connects local musicians with opportunities to perform. Jack has an immense passion for the industry and strives to help support tomorrow’s talent.

Jack first joined the Trail Blazers as a backup point guard in 2005-06. However, during 2006-07 season he earned more playing time and became an essential contributor.

He has appeared in multiple movies, such as The Longest Yard and A League of Their Own.

Achievement and Honors

Student who mobilizes campus stakeholders towards meeting a community need and creating an engaged campus culture are recognized with this award. Furthermore, this honor highlights an outstanding student-led collaboration that best displays commitment to communities throughout Pikes Peak Region.

Jack earned himself the Youth Pass Pitch Challenge, granting teens access to workshops and competitions typically reserved for adults at Denver Startup Week. Jack advanced past 20 other finalists into the semifinals of a Shark Tank-style pitch competition – becoming the youngest entrepreneur ever to reach this point.

In memory of longtime Department faculty member Jerry Jacks, this scholarship supports undergraduate Political Science students at CU Denver who engage in service partnerships across the region. For more information regarding this fund please contact the Department of Public Affairs.

Personal Life

As soon as he graduated college, Jack was selected by the Seattle SuperSonics in 2005 and became their starting point guard, but saw limited playing time due to Steve Blake and Sebastian Telfair being available.

He served as drummer for Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin until May 2001 when he was diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia, forcing the band’s tour schedule to be postponed while they underwent chemotherapy treatment.

Jack’s grandfather takes him and Keegan on an unexpected trip to Italy where they become immersed in time, finding themselves transported back to 1099 as Jack becomes Sir James’ squire serving under him as a Templar knight.

Net Worth

Jack is a young entrepreneur and founder of Jack’s Stands & Marketplaces. His net worth ranges between $1- $5 Million; this income comes primarily from his business venture and other sources. Jack’s father supports and encourages his entrepreneurial efforts.

He possesses great promise as a future star player, currently playing as a Small Forward for the Denver Nuggets.

Jack brings years of experience to valuation and transaction advisory services. He has assisted clients in performing gift and estate tax valuation analysis, acquisition due diligence reviews, capitalization analysis as a Senior Associate of Intrinsic’s Valuation and Transaction Advisory Services practice. Jack has expertise in various industries as well as private equity investments.

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