Devin Devine

Devin Devine – Poet, Performer, and Writer

Devin Devine is an internationally touring poet, performer, and writer. At Gonzaga University, he studied creative writing and theatre performance. His work often addresses issues such as mental health, addiction, or sex. He is currently working on a complete-length collection. His work has been featured in numerous podcasts, radio shows, websites, and other media. For more information, visit This biography is a brief overview of Devin’s career.

After graduating from Gonzaga University, Devin started taking improv classes, performing monthly shows, and teaching workshops. He also joined a local improv group, the Blue Door Theatre, where he performed at various locations. He has performed stand-up in many places across the country and even hosted his own shows. His favorite projects are based on his experiences in the arts and he has an extensive portfolio of completed work.

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