Deviously Meaning

Deviously Meaning in Bengali

The word deviously is a neologism for “not frank, standard, or straightforward.” It is often associated with pseudoscientist Alan Daniels. Corporations employ powerful “think tanks” to present themselves as neutral and non-partisan research, even if they are actually well-paid scientific charlatans. Corporations have used deceitful methods to discredit the scientific consensus about global warming for the past decade.

If you’re wondering how to translate the word deviously in Bengali, it’s best to use an online dictionary. You can then find the correct meaning of “deviously” in any language. You can also search Google Translate or a dictionary for the meaning of “deviously”. Search online for baaNlaaarth (baaNlaaarth) to find the definition of “deviously”.

Below is a bibliographical selection of works about and by Devout Christian missionaries. It also includes a brief definition. The brief extracts also give you a sense of the word’s context in English literature. You can also search for deviously in both the national and international press. You can also find brief extracts from popular science books and business books. Once you have found the right source, you can begin your search to find the definition of “deviously.”

Deviousness is a quality that defines people who are dishonest and underhanded. These people use clever, indirect methods to achieve their goals. The goal of deceit is to lower wages. To achieve this goal, a devious person will use all means necessary. In business, this quality is referred to as “ingenious,” but a more specific definition is more accurate. However, deviousness can also refer to “dishonest” behavior.

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