Devondre Trevon Phillips

Devondre Trevon Phillips and Terry Lorenzo Brown Charged With Second-Degree Murder

Ramsey County Attorney’s Office charges Devondre Trevon Phillips and Terry Lorenzo Brown with attempted second-degree murder. Both men have criminal histories, including drug possession and robbery. Phillips is ineligible to own or possess a gun, according to his criminal background. Both men were previously arrested, one for violating a domestic abuse no-contact order.

Police say that Phillips, 22, and Brown, 26, were involved in a domestic abuse dispute and were at a bar when the shooting occurred. According to video surveillance, Phillips shot Brown multiple time while both men were still on the ground. Phillips fired back at Brown after the shooting. Police said that Phillips had a past history of minor run-ins with the law, but no adult felonies.

The shootout took places in St. Paul, Minnesota on Sunday morning. One woman, Marquisha Wiley, 27, was killed during the altercation. Terry Lorenzo Brown (22), and Devondre Trevon Philips (22) were both charged with 12 counts each of attempted murder and second-degree intentional killing. Both men were also shot. Phillips is currently in custody. The two men are expected to appear in court on Wednesday.

Brown and JH were discussing various issues when the shooter approached. JH told police that he “messed with” the woman Phillips was talking to. According to police, the pair had a beef. They denied that the confrontation was involved in the shooting. JH claimed Phillips shot him in the stomach. Phillips claimed to have no memory of the shooting. Phillips claimed that he was unarmed and admitted using a gun.

Police released surveillance footage from the incident after the shooting. The video showed the suspects firing at each other. One of the shots hit Wiley in the back. This seemed to indicate that the two men were in a’standoff’ but the shooter shot at them simultaneously. A third man, believed to be Brown’s accomplice, was shot in the arm and ankle. A third man, believed to be Brown’s accomplice, was also taken into custody, but details regarding his arrest and the charges are still unknown.

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